Where Is Roz Blogging?—A New Blog List

March 12, 2011

In yesterday's post I mentioned that I've once again started posting on the Official International Fake Journal blog. Posting on that blog is seasonal. I start a little before the April celebration of International Fake Journal Month each year. Soon I'll be posting pages from my work in my fake journal, as well as links or images from others working in their fake journals.

It occurred to me that there will be times in the next couple of months when it may seem as if I'm not posting at all because there will be no posts here on Roz Wound Up. In fact on many days I'll simply be posting elsewhere. I receive very kind emails from people telling me how much they loved my daily posting, and now love my nearly daily posting. Because of that I thought I would let readers know where they can find me if there is no new post at Roz Wound Up.

New Blog List
I'm putting a blog list, "Where Roz Blogs," in the left-hand column of this blog, so that you can find these links quickly. The list will appear above the podcast list. Below is a description of each of the blogs on the list. I wish I could make the list updatable with blog topics, the latest post, that sort of thing. I see that happening on Blogspot blogs, but don't know how to make that happen on Typepad. Perhaps you'll seek these blogs out and subscribe.

I appreciate the time you take to visit me here at Roz Wound Up. I look forward to a continuing connection and expanded discussions.

The Official International Fake Journal blog
From now through the end of May 2011 or so, when the OIFJ blog will go dormant until next year's celebration of International Fake Journal Month, you will find me posting two or three times a week. Posting frequency will depend on free time, time spent on my own fake journal (I hope to spend a lot of time on it this year), how much I decide to publish from my own fake journal, and how busy other fake journal keepers are. I hope you'll stop by and check it out every so often.

Artist's Journal Workshop
This blog expands the book of the same title by artist Cathy (Kate) Johnson. Twenty eight artists and journalists were part of this book and Kate has created a great group blog with postings on a host of journaling topics with all of these artists chiming in with posts and comments. It's a great place to view a variety of working styles and approaches all focused on one thing—creating a journal that captures the creative life of the artist. Kate has also encouraged artists to exchange information about sketch outs and classes, so you can find ways to connect with other sketchers. I encourage you (as I have in an earlier post) to make this a regular stop in your online reading. (Also she is going to be posting an interview with me sometime in the next few days, so you'll want to check that out.)

Urban Sketchers—Twin Cities
This blog is part of the Urban Sketchers Network. Work from artists around the Twin Cities can be found here. Ken Avidor is the most active on this blog. He is constantly roaming the urban environment in the Twin Cities and capturing his observations in his journals and sketchbooks. You can learn a lot by studying his drawings. I try to post here at least a few times each month. In addition, both Ken and I try to post updates and announcements on sketching opportunities in the Twin Cities, as well as visual reports (showing the participants and their work) after the event. Whether you live in the Twin Cities Metro Area or not, you might what to check out this blog.

Strathmore Online Workshops
(This link will only work if you sign up for this free class; more on this in a moment.)
Starting on May 1, 2011 my online journaling class, "Building Your Visual Journal from the Page Up," goes live. Each week following May 1, for 4 weeks, a new part of the four-part workshop will be released. You can watch a video tutorial, download a handout, and work on the class concepts and techniques in your journal at your own pace. As a member of this workshop you can also join discussion threads with other students, start your own class related blog (also within the site) which will join the networked blogs of the other participants. You'll be able to post your progress. You'll also be able to create a photo section to share your work in an album of sorts, instead of as blog posts. In short it's a pretty fascinating workshop environment where you will find interesting work and comments from other students, all related to visual journaling. And of course, because I discovered the blog function I intend to blog at least a few times throughout the duration of the class. For the most part these posts will be related to the workshop. Over time it's possible that I might rework some of these blog posts for a new life here, but most of them will be too topic specific to the class at hand. This workshop is free. It will be available at least until August 2011 (again, you can start any time after May 1, working at your own pace). If you would like to participate simply go to Strathmore Artist Papers and look for and click on the Visual Journal Workshop button in the bottom left of the homepage—you'll see a journal page with one of my pigeon sketches there. In seconds you'll be able to register and enter into the workshop interface. Additionally you can sign up for the earlier workshops by two other journal artists—the first of which is now over (but can still be viewed) and the second series which is underway now.


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