Today—Sunday, March 6, 2011—Is Your Last Change to See the Moly_xhibit at MCBA

March 6, 2011

Above: A portion of one of the Moleskine accordion books with dog-art by Marty Harris.

Today—Sunday, March 6 from noon to 4 p.m.
will be your final chance to view the Moly_xhibit, an MCBA exhibition of several collaborative artist's books on display in the front entry cases and Open Book lobby gallery space, in Minneapolis. (See MCBA website for directions.)

Originally the MCBA Visual Journal Collective was to have Marty Harris, originator of the Moly_xchange project, talk to us at our February meeting. A snow storm forced the cancelation of that meeting, but a small group of members were able to meet with Marty, and fellow artist/participants Tim Clary (of Rochester, NY) and Claudio Ramires (from Brazil) on Wednesday, February 23 for an informal chat about the history of the project and its ongoing goals.

MartyTim3196 Left: Marty Harris explains Moly_X while Tim Clary stands by and videotapes the project primer. Some of the sketchbooks can be seen opened and hanging on the wall behind Marty. Click on an image to view an enlargement.

Marty gave me permission to take photos of the exhibit but my little camera doesn't do justice to the work in these lighting conditions. You really, really need to see these artworks in person. Don't miss out on your chance.

I know you'll be inspired by the artwork that you see. Then go and check out the Flickr site for moly_x and see additional artwork by over 400 artists involved in this project. They are looking for new participants so contact Marty through Flickr if you are interested in being placed in a group.

PortraitMoly3212 Left: A peak at some of the books displayed in the glass cases (to the left as you enter the front door of Open Book). One of the sub-groups in Moly_x is a portrait exchange. Each artist begins his book with a self portrait, supplies photos for the other artists to use for their sketches of him, and then sends the book off to the artists in the group who will do a self portrait and a portrait of the originating artist. The results are stunning and fun.

(Note: if I've confused any details in this post I apologize—please go to Marty's Flickr site to get the complete scoop and find out how to get going in your own group.)

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