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March 17, 2011

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Years ago I picked up a book called "Sketching School" by Judy Martin. I love this book because it had artwork in it from a host of artists that I had either never seen before or seen only in how-to books (i.e., John Lidzey who was writing watercolor books etc.). Most were artists from the UK.

Students have always drooled over this book when I bring it to classes and complain that they can't find it. Well I just read a review on Amazon that Judy Martin's Mastering Sketching: A Complete Course in 40 Lessons is essentially the same book in a redesign with a new title.

I have NOT SEEN this book so I'm only going by the review of it on the Amazon site where a reader pointed out she had the earlier book and it was the same.

The book I have isn't really an instruction book. Techniques or tools are introduced and the wonderful sketchbook art is shown. (And this was all before 2000 when we started to see more and more compendiums of sketchbooks.) So if you are interested in seeing some interesting art and were one of those students of mine who wanted your own copy you might check out this book.

Like the reviewer of this book on Amazon, I hate when publishers repackage books. I hate finding that a favorite author doesn't really have a new book out. And if I don't find out before hand and purchase the book and discover it is the same, well then I'm simply pissed off.


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    Yea Roz, that Amazon reviewer is me and yes, it is the same damn book–I have so many books, I almost fell for it and bought it again. But if your readers wanted to find Sketching School, here is their chance and I do like the book. I feel it is a must in a Sketcher’s library. BTW, I believe I am going to participate in your IFJM this year.

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    Donna, I’m so glad you wrote that review and saved me from buying a duplicate book. Like you I love this book (for all the wonderful art it includes in so many different styles—every page has inspirational stuff on it).

    I’m so glad you’re going to join in IFJM!

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