It’s That Time of Year Again—April Is International Fake Journal Month

March 11, 2011

International Fake Journal Month (IFJM) is only a couple of weeks away. I've already started posting on the Official International Fake Journal Blog about this year's celebration. If you don't know what IFJM is, or what a fake journal is, I recommend that you get over to the blog and check it out. Read the blog intro and some of the suggested posts to get the basics down. Then scroll through some of the posted work of past participants. After that it's time to develop a character for your own fake journal and get ready to journal in April!

If the incentive of having fun isn't enough for you, if the opportunity to bust out of old hampering habits and mind blocks can't convince you, I've got a few contests going on: the promotion contest (you put the button for IFJM up on your blog); the participation contest (you post your pages on your own blog and send me a link, or you send me jpgs to post on the Official International Fake Journal Blog); and, the most whimsical of all: Project Journal Infiltration Phase Two, which takes place inside IFJM in your fake journal of course. (Today there will be details on the participation contest, tomorrow details on the promotion contest, and Saturday the PJI portion of that contest.)

So what is Project Journal Infiltration? Don't remember from my earlier posts— check the link. Basically it is my project to reach my goal of appearing in as many journals as possible before I die.

Besides checking the link to the page you can always find the PJI page by going to the page list in the left-hand column of this blog. You can also find posts related to PJI by clicking on that category in the category list. Posts containing sketches by the participants will come up. I'm really psyched at how it's going!

But here's the thing. PJI is a sketch-Roz-from-life project. People have to actually see me out and about somewhere to sketch me. Of course readers from outside the Twin Cities grumbled a bit at not being able to join in, so I promised a special sub contest.

During April 2011, people keeping a fake journal can use photo references of me (that I'm posting on the Official International Fake Journal Blog) to sketch me into those fake journals. All the details will be up on the other blog in a few days. So go check it out.

Just one more reason to keep a fake journal!

I hope many of you will return this year to make another fake journal, and I hope many new people will join in as well. It is a great opportunity to push yourself, to push the boundaries of journaling, to push your artistic methods and approaches, and then to return to your regular journal to apply those benefits.

Why read about IFJM if you decide you aren't keeping a fake journal? Well it's just one more fun way that I get to talk about journaling, to  give journaling tips, and generally to encourage folks to journal. Ninety-nine point nine percent of the journaling stuff I bring up about IFJM actually has direct bearing on your regular journal—it's just that sometimes people can absorb the information better if it comes at them obliquely—just part of my cunning plan!

Remember: "Life's so short, why live only one?"

Note: I won't be posting notices here that I've posted there, so if you want to read what's happening over on the Official International Fake Journal Blog you might want to subscribe. (I tried to link it in to my Facebook account so at least friends on FB would get notice, but the method for doing the linking has changed and I haven't worked it out yet.)


  1. I recently retired, giving me much more time, and I can’t wait to start with a character I’ve been mulling over for a while….I attempted to start a blog a few years ago, but did not have much time. I am a regular Flickr post-er…..can I post my journal on Flickr or should I revive my blog (something I’m considering anyway)?

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