Snow Pile Update: Don’t Let a Little Thing Like No Supplies Stop Your Sketching Practice

February 12, 2011

If you're wondering what interests me about snow piles, or what snow means to me, even a part of what it means to me (because I don't go into the whole discourse on temperature, texture, light, smell, and sound) check out my post on a Grand Ave. snow pile and memories of Dottie over at Urban Sketchers—Twin Cities.

Don't let the lack of your regular sketching supplies become an excuse to walk by what caught your eye. Make it happen. If Dick hadn't been beside me with a pocketful of pens, I would have purchased one at the art supply store, or run into a restaurant and borrowed one from the cashier. Receipts make great scraps for sketching on—as long as they aren't those slimy photo-chemical coated ones (which you should stay away from anyway). Restaurant napkins of course are legendary as sketching fodder.

    • Miss T
    • February 13, 2011

    Okay Roz, this has nothing to do with snow piles (although I love your drawing), but it is about supplies. Just wanted to let you know that your message got through — I was in Wet Paint this week and bought some M. Graham goache. Even my first time using it, on totally the wrong paper, it was really sort of magic, and not at all like my rather traumatic experience with watercolor in college. Love at first brush!

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    Yippee Miss T. I’m so glad you jumped into gouache and and it’s “love at first brush.” I hope you live happily ever after with gouache!

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