New Year’s Day Activities

January 7, 2011

A quick note on how I spent part of New Year’s Day.

Above: two mini journals I bound at the end of New Year's Day. (Those are dark purple splotches on the cover at the back.)

I just wanted to report that New Year's Day went off well for me! However, we wound down to bedtime I realized I hadn't done one thing I really wanted to include—I hadn't bound any books.

I had some small signatures already torn and punched, waiting for sewing and casing. In a flurry of activity (measure twice, cut once) I cut boards, fabric, and decorative paper from scraps I had on hand. (Actually I had one scrap of bookcloth which was long and just the right height and by making books with it I actually eliminated the need to put the scrap away! I like cleaning up like that.)

With 15 minutes to spare until bedtime I got these two small journals (about 3 x 4, and 4 x 3 each) under weights. So January 2 there were two happy little books ready to greet me. I can savor that taste of binding until I have time to bind at the end of January!

During the day I also got over to Como Zoo. It was 9 degrees F. The winds were 25 mph. Walking between buildings was a real treat—I'll share some of that with you another day.

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    Your hand bound journals are really beautiful! Thank you for all of the informative posts too!

    • Debbie L
    • January 7, 2011

    Roz, I LOVE your book covers. They look hand painted. What material are you using? Fabric? Paper? You showed some covers the other day and I had the same thought.

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    Sheryl, thanks for reading. I’m glad you liked the journals. I appreciate the comment.

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    Debbie, thanks. All the decorative papers I use for my book covers are handpainted. Some are paste paper, others like the two in this picture are simply painted without paste. I use paints and past on a variety of papers, depending on the effect I want to get with the paper.

    You can read more about this at my post
    shows you some paste paper versions (3 in the center of the front row, and tallest book in the back are all paste paper).
    is also paste paper options, but the red book is marbled paper—I love marbled paper but I don’t make it. I made the sheet used to make this little book at a marbling demo where we were each able to make a few sheets. I had to draw the line somewhere. I find that paste paper wears a bit more on my journals than the marbled paper does and so I favor it for durability.

    I also hand-paint my own fabric and turn it into book cloth.

    And sometimes I just paint the boards

    Have fun with your experiments.
    I use fabric paints for that.

    • Christina Trevino.
    • January 8, 2011

    Love them!

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    Thanks Christina, I hope your new year is going along really well!

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