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January 19, 2011

Above: Three samples of Bogus Recycled Sketch. A: page from A11 journal (the first of this year, from which I've posted several images); B: 12 (grain direction) x 18 inches, 70 lb.; C: 18 x 24 (grain direction) inches, 120 lb.

I hate posting two times a day but it was important to me to post this addendum on the Bogus Paper. I just got my special order of paper in the sizes and weights explained above as B and C. The image compares both to each other in color and texture while also showing my original sample.

You can see there is a tremendous color variation which I would expect in a recycled paper like this. But I wasn't expecting the tremendous texture difference.

My five-year-old sample which was made into the journal A11 is more textured than either of the current samples. I like that texture.

I haven't worked on either of the other samples yet. I'm not going to make them into journals. I thought when I purchased the paper I would use the sheets for life drawing. (They end up costing about 13 to 20 cents a sheet, which is great for working fast and burning through a larger sheet of paper.)

The variable nature of these sheets might not bother you and your working methods. If, however, you were attracted to the sheets because you are looking for a textured and kraft paper sheet, beware that what you get will vary from size and package to package. Buy enough to complete your project!

If you are looking for a tan paper that is archival and great for making books I can recommend the following: Nideggen, Rives BFK (tan), Magnani Annigoni Designo, and Stonehenge (tan). The last is good for sewn-on-the-spine structures, but I don't recommend it for Western casebindings. The second and third are good for either, but have some issues with Western casebindings that aren't as involved as the Stonehenge issues. Nideggen is my favorite tanned paper, but it is light weight and some folks don't like the buckling when using wet media. Despite that it is very opaque.

I have written at length about these 4 preferred tan papers on my blog. Please use the blog's search function to find numerous posts about them and examples of work executed on them, as well as other posts on suitable papers for visual journaling and book arts.


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