Bell Sketch Night: Birds!

January 4, 2011

See the post for details on this month’s meeting.

Above: studies of the Sandhill Cranes on display at the Bell Museum.

Start the new year out right with sketching. The FIRST THURSDAY of every month is Sketch Night at the Bell Museum. Come and join the fun. You can sketch to the theme or sketch whatever you want! They'll bring cool stuff out of the archives too.

Thursday, January 6, from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. The theme is birds.

The event is free with museum admission (that means if you're a Bell Museum member it's free!).

Read more about Bell Museum Sketch Night here. Or click on "Bell Museum" in the category list to find past posts on this event.

View some of the art created at December's Bell Sketch Night here.

    • Carolyn
    • January 4, 2011

    Hey, a Sandhill Crane! We go way back…Navarino and Baraboo in the 70’s. Thanks for making my day. We don’t see them in Vermont

  1. Reply

    Carolyn, the Bell has a WONDERFUL diorama of a flock of Sandhills with a background painted by Jaques!!!! Stunning. I sometimes just stare at the painted wall. He was beyond “sooooo good.”

    • Carolyn
    • January 4, 2011

    Oh, wow. I’d love to see it. I have Canoe Country and Snowshoe Country and am delighted by the illustrations, but I had no idea of his diorama’s until now. Just explored a bit on the Web and is now I am eager to see his work in person. He’s up there with CF Tunnicliffe.

  2. Reply

    Carolyn, I love Charles Tunnicliffe too. In fact I can reach my copy of “A Sketchbook of Birds” from where I am sitting right now, so when you mentioned him I had to reach it down and have another peak at his wonderful sketches!!!

    Since you like these two guys you need to check out Lars Jonsson. I wrote a post

    • Carolyn
    • January 5, 2011

    Yes, I remember that post about LJ. His work reminded me of another favorite of mine, Gunnar Brusewitz:


  3. Reply

    Carolyn, I’ll go check the links out! Many thanks!

  4. Reply

    Carolyn, thanks for sending the links. I did just look at them. I didn’t recognize his name but the third image is something I’ve seen before in books or somewhere. Lovely lovely work.

    • Alison A
    • June 9, 2014

    Charles Tunnicliffe is amazing… I was lucky enough to see an exhibition on Anglesey of some of his original sketchbooks and could have stayed there for at least a week just looking… Absolutely stunning… I very much enjoy seeing your books too Roz, love the cranes! Thanks for sharing these…

  5. Reply

    Alison, there was a painting by Tunnicliffe in the current Bell bird art show (well it just ended). Lovely to see. I haven’t seen his original sketchbooks, but I have some facsimiles that were printed and they are marvelous! He has been one of my art heroes since childhood.

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