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The Elephant in the Room: Why Don’t You Understand Color Theory?

The full post is my rant on why I believe artists must understand color theory. But it doesn’t mean they can’t have fun!

Bell Museum Sketch Night Reminder

Can't remember when Bell Museum Sketch Night is? Don't recall what the theme is? Want a link to directions? Well I've put up a page called "Bell Museum Sketch Night" which you can find in the page list located in the left column of this blog. Check it out whenever you want. I'll post reminders […]


Isolating Background Texture

The full post has some comments about background textures and sketching.

Portrait Party and Binding Party Information

The MCBA Visual Journal Collective, as of January 2011, has held three portrait parties. Our 2009 and 2011 parties additionally were binding parties. An editioned photocopier book of the event, with all the portraits paired opposite each other (the portrait you drew was opposite the portrait your partner drew of you) was created at each […]

Bakken Museum Call to Artists: Electric Green Installations

Post contains details about the art call.


Painting the Covers of Stonehenge Wire-bound Journals—Another Look

The full post is another look at painting the covers of these commercially available journals.


I’m Broken—People and the Pen “Dilemma”

See the post for a couple images and discussion of finding a pen that works, and a bunch of other stuff that I rant about.


One More Dog Sketch

See full post for details.

Snow, Snow, Snow—It’s Beautiful

See the full post for some thoughts on snow and snow piles.


Let’s End the Week with a Dog

See the full post.

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