The MCBA Visual Journal Collective 2011 Meeting Schedule

December 9, 2010

The full post provides a link to the schedule and other details. Consider joining this group today.

All you pre-planners find "Pages" in lefthand column of this blog and click on MCBA Visual Journal Collective. The 2011 Meeting Schedule is up. The listing includes the topics for the regular meetings (every third Monday of the month, except no meetings in May or December) as well as details on two sketch outs (May and August).

Or you can click here to get the 2011 MCBA Visual Journal Collective schedule (but I told you how to find it in the pages so you can go back there many times throughout the year without finding THIS post!).

I am frequently asked "How can I sign up for your monthly journaling class?"

Folks, the MCBA Visual Journal Collective isn't a class. Sure we learn things, and we are fortunate to have artists who share their art and knowledge with us, but it isn't a class. It is open to all adult journal keepers, of any skill level. (We welcome writers who want to work more visual elements into their written journals as well.)

There is no fee for the Collective and only a few meetings have a minimal supply fee. (I do encourage all Collective members to join MCBA if they find a home in this group—MCBA provides our meeting space without a fee; supporting MCBA will help ensure that the group can continue).

You do not have to sign up in advance.

Most of the sessions do not require any special tools, materials, or fees. And for those meetings where there is a special supply cost I try to keep the costs below $5 to make sure that the meetings are affordable "entertainment." One such meeting is our January Portrait Party. There is a $5 fee for that meeting because of paper and copying costs. But when you consider that you'll get drawing practice and binding practice and go home with your complete edition of everyone's sketches it's a good value for the fun derived. Join us and find out in January!

Note that currently there are a couple meetings that are still under development (August and October, Stenciling/Carving stamps and Collage respectively). Please contact me if you think you have something to add to those meetings.

Also, if you have an idea for a future meeting contact me at Let me know that you have a proposal idea. I will immediately send you a pdf of the proposal form so that you can gather your thoughts and complete your proposal by filling out a few short questions about the scope, nature, projected cost, etc. of your meeting proposal. I'd love to talk to you about the meetings for the 2012 schedule!

Go look at the schedule now so that you can mark your calendar. Be sure to consider participating in the various collaborative projects or group exchanges we have going on. This is a great way to meet other people, see how different people work, and collect samples of great work.

I look forward to another inspiring year with this great group of journal artists. Come and join us.

(All meetings are at MCBA from 7 to 9 p.m. on the date listed unless another location is given. Plan a little extra time when attending a meeting to allow for parking, which can be difficult on some Monday evenings. We start promptly at 7 p.m.)

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