The Masking Tape Finch Finally Finished

December 6, 2010

See the post for details on the final version of this page spread.

Above: full spread, now finished, showing the finch made with decorative tapes. Read below for more details.

On Friday I posted a second-step post about the masking tape finch I'd created earlier. (The link is to the first post.)

The image at the top of this post is how I finished up. You can see the verso page, which is an oddly shaped page with a robot image on it, then the first part of the fold out page, and finally the tape Finch.

The second post from Friday shows how I started to add color where the opossum is now. I thought I didn't have a photo of that next step when I added blue, but I was wrong. The addition of the blue to the spread can be seen at the end of this post. It shows the page spread before the journaling has been added.

In the above final image I couldn't quite get the color corrected (I had the brainiac idea to shoot it in the newly bright kitchen—Dick just put new lights in—but that backfired). Still you can get an idea of how it looks as an open spread. Each page is about 8 inches wide. (You can also see my feet down at the bottom edge of the image. It was quicker to just leave them in!)

When adding the light aqua background to the finch window I had two thoughts in mind, first to lighten the area so the finch read more clearly, and second to bring some of the aqua color from the far left over to this side of the spread.

I taped the window frame before painting so that I didn't have to worry about neat edges. Unfortunately, some of the fluid acrylics on the tape that is part of the framed image, actually pulled off when I took off my masking tape mask. So the frame actually looks different from the previous step's "patina" (see the image at the base of this post for that look). I added color back with additional layers of fluid acrylic.

Then of course I journaled on that middle page. (I used a white Signo pen for writing and the "Opossum" was painted with Titanium White Golden Fluid Acrylics.) The finch page folds in to cover the Opossum page, leaving only the word "Opossum" showing when it is closed.

Note: The eggplant rubberstamp ink that I began the background of the far right with has a richer look in person, but it has been difficult to keep it vibrant through the addition of paint layers. If I intend to stencil and then layer color in the future I will make a different color choice when layering colors (starting with a lighter color I could glaze over). I'll reserve this rubberstamp ink color for final color applications when a dark color is needed.

So there you have it. I won't be doing anything more to this finch created with bits of decorative tape!

Below: Penultimate step, where I added in some blue to the background.


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