Project Journal Infiltration: Clare Farrell’s View of Roz

December 4, 2010

Above: Clare Farrell capture's me in her journal. ©2010 Clare Farrell.

The great thing about asking artists to sketch you in their journals is that they don't let a little thing like not having a clear view stand in their way.

In this sketch for Project Journal Infiltration, the intrepid artist Clare Farrell, who was seated behind me at a talk, captured what I think it my best angle.

Clare managed to capture all the bits of hair I miss when braiding in the morning, as well as my leaning forward posture (I was looking forward at some artist books). The great thing about this, as with any portrait that captures the likeness of the subject, is that I think anyone seeing this could totally recognize me in a crowd. That speaks to getting the gesture and aspect of the subject right. Something we can all strive for in our own work. (You did realize that PJI was also about learning from others didn't you?)

Thanks Clare for this fine sketch.

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    That is such an awesome sketch! I love that you are sharing the images on your blog, Roz. What a fun project. I also love Clare’s style.

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    Briana, I’m thrilled with the way the project is going. People are creating some cool portraits of me and I’m making my way into a lot of journals!
    I’m glad you enjoy this portrait by Clare, and the project.

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