Dog Series—C: More Sketching on Pre-Stenciled Backgrounds

December 17, 2010

Another short post about dogs and sketching. See the full post.

Above: a Chihuahua sketched with Faber-Castel Pitt Calligraphy pen on a pre-stenciled (acrylic paint with a mouth atomizer) fold-out spread. The left edge of the fold out has a piece of gold foil collaged on it. The center of the spread where the signature is sewn is at the far right edge. There is glassine taped at the top of this spread and folded over to protect the previous spread. The paper is Rives BFK and the journal is approximately 8 x 10 inches. The fold out portion isn't quite 8 inches wide.

Another short post on my dog series in the collage and sketch journal. Here the pen was wearing out and when it does that it starts to give a gray-ed out line that is as attractive, but for different reasons, as the full-bodied line.

    • Christina Trevino.
    • December 17, 2010

    Must be a body building chihuahua, he is too sturdy (or fat?)

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    Christina, I’m not an expert on Chihuahuas but I see them in all sorts of different “configurations” and can never find polite ways to ask their owners questions about the dog that wouldn’t be insulting.

    This little guy was short, squat, but not fat. I think he was part something else, which would account for the bulk—but let’s hope the bulk was on his mother’s side!

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    Inspired by this I went an dplayed with acylic on my bare pages before I join my sketch club outing today. I’m so glad you combine.

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    Colette, what fun! I hope you had a great time sketching out today! And that wherever you were it was warmer than our 14 degrees F. I wanted to sketch out at least a little but it was too, too cold for my fingers and there is so much snow you can’t really pull off safely on many roads and sketch from the car!!!


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    Oh if only I can get my mouth atmomiser working!

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    Wendy, I ride the bicycle in part so I can use my mouth atomizer! Whew.

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