American Painting Video Magazine and Other Video Demonstrations

December 2, 2010

The post contains links to the video magazine and other video instruction.

At the Jeffrey Larson demo I went to a few weeks ago I learned about the American Painting Video Magazine. I saw the Jeffrey Larson edition at his show, as mentioned in my November 27 post about the show.

Well, if you aren't in the area and want to see that video and other video interviews of artists painting you can check out this site.

Larson is in Volume 1, Fall Issue, along with Christopher Puglises, Peter Trippi, Thomas Kegler, Amaya Gurpide, Joseph Todorovitch and Semyon Mikhailovsky. You can download it for $10.00. (I'm not connected in any way to this enterprise, I've just seen and enjoyed the Jeffrey Larson interview.)

I think capturing these talented artists on video is a great thing. I've long hoped to film people I know doing things such as binding books, calligraphy, sketching. There are a lot of skills in bookbinding for instance, that involve antique equipment (or modern equivalents) and I would love to record some of that before it's lost. (We'll see how my adventures in videotaping go in the future. I'll keep you posted.)

I find that watching painters paint, far from being boring ("watching paint dry") is rivetting stuff, because you can see them make their choices in real time. Viewing such videos will give you more mental editing options and help you push your own art. You might not paint in a style that is similar to the artist you're watching, but there are still things to learn which you can later apply to your own art.

Many people love the drippy, colorful watercolor paintings of Charles Reid—he has wonderful video demos available on CD. Ditto Burton Silverman (find Burton Silverman's videos here) and Stephen Quiller

Many artists produce DVDs now with their books. If you like their art and approach and can't get to a workshop with an author, chances are you can have a bit of the experience through video. Check out what your favorite artists are doing. Maybe the next rainy day in your location you can stay home and have an indoor workshop!

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