Fair Sounds: The Poultry Barn at the Minnesota State Fair

September 6, 2010

Hear 60 seconds of Poultry Barn on my blog.

If the above embedded video doesn't show up you can see Poultry Barn Sounds at YouTube.

Friday I was in the Poultry Barn sketching with my friend Tom. He had the presence of mind to take a short recording of the barn sounds with his iPhone. I asked him to send it to me, and he did, but I couldn't get it to work on the blog. Happily, after he had to depart from the Fair I found myself in the Poultry Barn again. I made a quick video with my tiny camera, not knowing it would come in handy.

The image comes and goes and that's not the point (there's not great light in the Poultry Barn), listen to the sounds. Then imagine them a whole lot louder, as if they were fed right into your ears and your ear drums— well imagine you felt as if you could feel your ear drums moving. Think sound track to Avatar (my ears still hurt!).

But in many ways, even with the roosters practicing for the crowing contest, it's an amazing series of noises. The Guinea Fowl make chuckling and percussive noises, as do the waterfowl. The latter group also HONKS. Both groups have a tendency to shriek at odd moments. And bless the turkeys for their range of gobbles and bubblings.

Today is the final day of the Fair. The animals will be in the barns until 3 p.m. You can still hear it for yourself. Then it's over until next August.

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    I love this, Roz! Makes me realize how we can live all over this planet yet some things remain the same. These sounds you captured are from my childhood, and from our county 4-H fair, and our Kansas State Fair. It captures a timeless pursuit of raising animals so we don’t starve to death.

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    John, so glad you liked this. I had the brainiac idea this morning as I was waking up that it would be fun to record several crows and clucks and honks and use them as a RING TONE!!!!

    Of course I wouldn’t hear my phone when people called and I was sketching in the Poultry Barn, but then I don’t hear it ring when I’m there anyway!!!

    I love talking to the young kids who are farming. Sadly the loss of family farms is really evident over the years.

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