The Second Annual Minnesota State Fair Sketch Out: 15 Strong!

August 29, 2010

See the full post for an update on this event.

Above: My favorite sketch from my work at Saturday's Sketch Out. Staedtler Pigment Liner 0.5 in the journal I made for the Fair using 130 gms Gutenberg. (Journal approx. 6.5 x 7.5 inches.) (Note to self: when designing future State Fair journals be sure to make the spread just a little less wide so it fits in one pass on my scanner! The left edge of the verso page, which was blank, is just a little clipped in this scan).

The Second Annual Minnesota State Fair Sketch Out grew in numbers this year. Fifteen sketchers showed up to capture the sights of the Fair in their journals and sketchbooks. We worked in pen, watercolor, colored pencil, watersoluble colored pencils, graphite—each approach was as varied as the what the artists selected to focus on. Anywhere you look at the Fair something is sure to catch your eye!

See images from some of the participants at the Second Annual Minnesota State Fair Sketch Out, at Urban Sketchers—Twin Cities. I'll post more about the Fair when I'm back at the computer.

Thanks to everyone who attended—the work was inspiring. Thanks for braving the heat and the crowds. There were 150,000 people at the Fair yesterday, and with the 15* of us sketching that meant that 0.01% attending were sketching. Our stats are improving.

I had at least 11 strangers talk to me about journaling and sketching while I worked. While one young woman stood by and waited for me to register her in my peripheral vision so she could ask, "Really, do you mind? I just have to ask, did you just draw that?" most were interested in making books and sketching at a future event. 

Thanks also to David Steinlicht who video taped part of the first meeting and some of the post meeting sketching! Thanks for recording this day.

If you missed out this year think about joining us next year for the Third Annual State Fair Sketch Out. (Of course we'll have buttons!) (And if you are sketching at the Fair on another day this week be sure to send in a jpg of a sketch—there are some buttons left! We'd love to see what caught your interest at the Fair.)

*I'm still waiting to hear back from a couple people who said they were going but couldn't come to the meetings. We may have done even better!

  1. I hope you take cards to the sketch outings!

  2. Reply

    Jeanette, thanks for clarifying. I was a bit confused because I’m working in a bound journal this year, not with journal cards. Your second note clears it all up.

    In answer to your hope—yes, I took my new Moo Cards
    Several of them have Fair-related items on them. People have enjoyed them. Some farmers have asked for prints of my finished sketches (I always offer to send a free one to them as a thank you if they ask.) One woman asked me to help her with a 4-H pigeon coloring book—of course it will be pro bono but I would love to support 4-H. We’ll see if she gets back to me. I’d be able to go and sketch her pigeons, so it would mean more pigeons up close and personal AFTER the Fair. Now wouldn’t that be grand!

  3. Reply

    So do you ever do a sketch out at the renaissance faire?

  4. Reply

    tyanne, there is actually a funny story behind your question, or rather, in front of your question as you don’t know that it happened, and I actually wrote it up as a possible blog post—a dialog between Dick and me on going to the Renaissance Faire. It was pretty hysterical and ended with my going on about men in tights and then switching approach and saying, “Camels? I’m so there.”

    That bit of prose, sadly has been lost (and was probably too profanity-filled in retrospect). But let’s just say it was a discussion.

    Here’s the thing, we haven’t been to the RF for probably 20 years. Certainly never went when the girls were alive because it’s held an hour’s drive or more away and that’s one way, so if we were going to be gone it would be a whole day thing and I never liked going anywhere for a long period of time without taking the girls, because after all, that’s why I had dogs, to live with them and be with them in the world.

    That said, we did go before we had the girls and it was an OK time, except there weren’t really a lot of animals (except the elephant and the camel, for rides), and I was rather annoyed with all the people walking around talking anachronistically, but that’s just me.

    Dick has convinced me it might be fun, and he has a friend who is selling glass items. But now the problem is when would we go, as our schedules for the remaining weekends don’t match.

    I think if I hadn’t been conked on the head and lost my ninja invisibility cloak I would have been up for it this year, but I’m not sure I can be trusted to respond properly to someone who comes dancing up to me wearing jingle bells and butchers “Shakespearean English” while asking me wither thou goest, if you get my drift.

    I’d hate to ruin someone’s day!

    But for drawing costumed people it would be great fun, and if I can get my attitude under control I might get there next year!

    Should I assume from your question that you do sketch at one near you? And if so do you have suggestions?


  5. Reply

    tyanne, I went to look at the 2010 site for the Ren. Fest here in MPLS. They allow pets now (well dogs and cats, with photos and vet stuff). I don’t have dogs right now, BUT I looked at the themes for the weekends and Dick likes small brewery beers of certain types (he has a beer maybe once a month, but it’s always a special one; and he brewed beer when he was young) and I love dogs (and cats) and it just so happens that the Pet Fest and Beer Tastings are on the same day! Hmmmm.

    It’s also the military weekend so there will probably be armor and such.


    I had better work on that attitude.

    Then of course there’s Shamrocks and Shenanigans—we will not be going that weekend!

    Ah, but then there’s High Seas Adventure weekend (I guess that’s suppose to conjure Errol Flynn circa Captain Blood?) and it doesn’t say anything about it, but that’s the BBQ Competition.



  6. Reply

    tyanne, another reason to go to the RF! I just found it: Vilification Tennis their promo reads:
    “See where it all began. For seven weekends a year we provide a valuable service every 12:30 PM; Yelling the most vile and offensive insults we can think of at one another whilst wearing goofy costumes.”

    It’s looking better and better.

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