The 2009 MCBA Visual Journal Collective’s Portrait Party Originals Go into the MCBA Library

August 22, 2010

Check the blog post to see images of this booklet and case.

Above: Outer Case (painted watercolor paper) and inner case for the Portrait Party booklets. The inner case is made of Canson Mi Tientes and contains the file copy of the booklet we produced and the original drawings made into a booklet. A ribbon pull, visible at the base where the two cases are touching in this photo, allows you to pull the inner case out when it is in place.

On Monday at the March meeting of the MCBA Visual Journal Collective the members presented artistic director and interim director Jeff Rathermel with the original drawings (the masters used to make our edition) and a file copy of the completed book from our February 2009 Portrait Party.

Above: From this angle you can see the closed edge of the inner case.

Above: A view of the closed edge of the outer case. At the top center of this image you can see a peek of the two pamphlet books nested in the inner case.

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