Profile Friday: Wil Freeborn—Another Journal Facsimile to Add to the List

August 6, 2010

Acquaint yourself with this talented artist.

4768402069_9c711fa759_b Left: Watercolor of a Raven ©2010 Wil Freeborn. A blog reader alerted me to Freeborn's art with a link to this gorgeous painting. Check out the use of colors in the black wings and tail! I did a little more digging and found Freeborn has a journal facsimile for sale, read below for details.

Wil Freeborn is a designer and illustrator living in Gourock, Scotland, who has published a facsimile of "two years of sketches by train, bicycle, ferry and plane." You can purchase a copy of "See You Around," here. I recommend it. I purchased the 8 x 10 inch version (which is the large version) and am over joyed that I did. The journal page spreads (from his Moleskines) take a page each: the journal page spread is not interrupted by the book's gutter. It's a wonderful way to view the page spreads.

Freeborn's art is immediate and includes collections of objects, city scenes, and crowd scenes. Freeborn has a wonderful sense of composition. You will enjoy the way he explores his observations across the page, using mostly pen and watercolor. Upon occasion small Polaroid images are added as details on some pages. (I'm assuming that these are Polaroids because in 1998 through 2001 or so, I had an I-zone Polaroid camera that took photos about this size, but it broke and I never saw more of them, or film—so perhaps he's using something else; whatever it is you'll like the way he incorporates the images.)

You can view additional paintings and page spreads by  Wil Freeborn at his blog GhostSchool. I must insist that you visit today and spend time poking around.

(I'm adding this facsimile to my master list and putting the blog in my blog roll. Thank you Chris, for pointing me in this direction!)

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    From your description, I’m guessing he used a Polaroid PoGo instant printer (available from Amazon and others).

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    I’ve just added Wil to my Blog roll too, Roz. Many thanks for the links – his work is a treat.
    Now I’m trying really hard not to buy the book but I feel a certain weakness….

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    Did you click on the link to hear the raven talk? It can be located on the first link (the artwork link) Below the image.

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    Amanda, I went to check out the Polaroid PoGo and that wasn’t what he was using. He had little 35 mm size images on with “frames.” So it looked more like the iZone stuff. (Though maybe he was using a crop and border function—I don’t know what they have available but the site mentions that there are some.)

    But THANK YOU FOR MENTIONING THE POGO! I went to check it out and it looks cool. I’ll have to look into it.

    I just did a quick look on my website (journal selections) and I don’t have any pages posted where I used these photos. I mostly used them when traveling with folks who wouldn’t stop for any sketching time Or as a joke around the house—odd photos of Dot and Dick.

    But they were always rather dark.

    I’ve got to look into this PoGo thing. MANY Thanks!!!!


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