Summer Reading: Sketchbook and Journal Facsimiles and Collections

July 5, 2010

Summer reading list.

In an effort to give you something to read and give myself some time off, I have put together a reading list of Sketchbook and Journal Facsimiles (look for it as a Page with the same title, in the Page List in the left column) which I love to browse through.

Books which allow a peek into the journals and sketchbooks of artists provide an opportunity to learn a little more about their process, their approaches, their interests. I think books like this inspire journal keepers whether the reader has been keeping a journal for a long or short time.

I encourage you, this summer, to take a moment to seek some of these books out. Allow these artistic minds to broaden your concept of art, sketching, journaling, and seeing!

(Feel free to suggest additional books in the comments section here. I'd love to find more titles.)

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