Meeting Reminder: RSVP for the MCBA Visual Journal Collective July 19 Meeting

July 1, 2010

Reminder about our fabric printing meeting: be sure to RSVP!

Monday,  July 19 from 6:45 to 9 p.m. the MCBA Visual Journal Collective will meet at the TEXTILE CENTER. Note the change of venue and the start time! Please RSVP to by July 15. (This is not a Textile Center event or class, we are renting their space and lab. Questions should be directed to me at the above email.)

Fabric artist Karen Wallach will be on hand to show us how to use the Thermafax for printing on fabric (fabric you can then use for your book arts projects or wear!).

The SHORT version of what you need to know is:

1. We meet at the Textile Center on University Ave. at 6:45 p.m. SHARP (note the earlier start time and the change of venue).

2. There is a FEE for this meeting. $15.00 for full participation (you make a screen from a toner photocopy of one of your journal pages or drawings);  OR $7.50 if you want to only use pre-made screens of Karen's; OR $3.00 if you don't want to do any printing, but just want to be trained in on the process.

3. You need to bring artwork converted to a 4 x 6 inch toner photocopy if you are going to make a screen with your own art.

4. There will be some test muslin for everyone included in your lab fee, BUT everyone printing needs to bring her own final fabric, t-shirts, papers—the stuff you want to print on for final product.

5. If you are printing on garments you need to bring: newspapers or brown paper bags to put inside garments to keep the ink from seeping through to the other side.

6. Anyone printing needs to think about how he will cover up his car interior (floor, trunk, etc.) to transport his printed pieces. Bring either more newspapers or large plastic sheeting, or be creative.

Additional Information:
If you are printing cloth that you are later going to back with paper to make bookcloth you need to bring a piece of cloth that is  (Cover board height + 3 inches) x ([2 x cover board's width] + [spine width] + [2 x Hinge width] + 3 inches).

OR if it is easier for you to read this way your cloth must have a
HEIGHT that is the board height plus 3 inches. And a Width that is twice the cover board width plus the spine width plus twice the hinge width plus 3 inches.

That will give you enough leeway to add your paper, trim, and still  have enough overhang to cover your boards. There are instructions on Roz Wound Up showing how to back fabric with paper to make bookcloth.

I look forward to seeing you at the July meeting to learn this exciting printing technique.

Note: You can read full details about the meeting here.

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