I’m Giddy—The New Batch of Moo Mini-Cards Arrived!

July 18, 2010

I get a new batch of Moo cards—mostly animals and birds.

Above: The new batch of Moo Mini-Cards: 20 images of birds, dogs, one kangaroo, and of course Adam Goldberg. Click on the image to view an enlargement.

A couple years ago Lynn Fisher came to the MCBA Visual Journal Collective and started handing out her Moo Mini-cards. I was thrilled to see them. They were crisply printed on high-quality coated stock, and the extreme rectangle was delightful. I've been ordering them up ever since.

They are great for any special occasion. I made a batch to pass out and announce my 30 Birds in 30 Days Show. But my favorite thing to do is put journal images and sketches on them. The thin size keeps me from loading up too much text on the back side of the card. I find it is useful to have a stack of these on hand when I give demonstrations—I don't like giving my full business card out at such events because I don't want my phone number passed out. The last time I gave out my full business card at a demo a man called me up for a date! (My dating days are over!)

For the current batch (for every one hundred cards you can have up to one hundred different images, only the back stays the same) I wanted to feature dog and bird images, appropriate to hand out at the upcoming Paws on Grand. And I like to have images that show they are from my journals, like the puffin at the bottom right, or the turkey at the bottom left (which is actually from my 2009 International Fake Journal Month Journal).

Dick came into the room as I was preparing to shoot the above photo. He thought the cards were pretty cool—he liked the paper and the printing. We're demanding about those things in this household. I could tell he wondered about the subject matter though: birds, dogs, and Adam Goldberg. He picked up the last card and looked at it.

"You really miss that show don't you?" he asked, tilting the card in his hand, feeling the weight of the paper.

"Yep, Goldberg has the most perfect face for drawing on the planet right now," I said, with flagrant hyperbole—Dick loves my hyperbolic riffs. They always make him laugh. "He has the best eyebrows. I love his ears. His chin is perfect and his mouth—all angles of crisp plumpness. And look at the nose—has there ever been anything more wonderful? I have always been a sucker for great noses and this is the best."

I paused and looked at Dick who was smiling down at me. "You have the best eyes," I said, giving him a kiss. And we both laughed deeply.

(This is more than a little joke, as the only portrait I have ever made of Dick begins with his eyes and then simply fades away from there, as if I lost interest in the rest—and I probably had, because he really does have the best eyes.)

So if you have an event to promote, or want to have your email, website, and blog information always handy (without giving out your address and phone number), then I suggest you check out these slick little cards. The website is clear and easy to use. (I'm not affiliated in any way—I'm just a happy customer.) In no time a small package of cards will arrive, and you'll be giddy too.

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  1. Reply

    I love, love your moo cards Roz. I also use Moo cards as my biz card. When people get one, they just stare at it. They do make a statement, don’t they!

  2. Reply

    So fun, Roz! I just got my first set about 2 weeks ago. I posted some photos on my blog, too.

  3. Reply

    Briana, you didn’t leave a link to your moo cards so I went to find them and found I’ve missed a bunch of fun stuff—flickers in your yard and windblown hair!

    But I loved seeing your moo cards.

    I love them!!! Very cool.

  4. Reply

    They sound pretty cool and I like the idea of no address and number.


  5. Reply

    Oh, I love these, Roz. So graphic—impressive!!! I’ve never thought about these sorts of things. You would never think I was ever in advertising…

  6. Reply

    Gina, you don’t even have to use them as business cards with any contact info—I’ve seen some that people had made up to use as coupons for a drawing, and I think on their website the moo people have some made up as gift tags with holiday images on the image side and then of course a holiday message and name (only) on the text side.

    So many possibilities!

  7. Reply

    Jennifer, you need to have some of these cards to have to hand out on your travels! Now that the advertising gene is kicking in I know you’ll come up with 10,000 ways to use cards like these!

  8. Isn’t just so exciting when they come in the mail…I felt like a kid when I received the new batch (with my new blog)…and this time I even included som awesome photos. These are fantastic Roz!!!

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