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June 1, 2010

Taking a break, sort of, in June.

Above: Paper towel from a painting session. Aren't they interesting to look at? I like to scan them and then import them into digital images I'm working on in Photoshop. They add great texture and color.

June is a month filled with deadlines for me, as well as one personal deadline that must be addressed. While I hate on many levels to write this post and make it so, I am taking a (sort of) break from my blog in June (and perhaps the early bit of July) in order to address these deadlines. I love blogging so much (as I explained in my recent post, "Why Blog") that I know I will miss it terribly. I have also enjoyed watching the readership numbers increase. Part of me wants to simply keep pushing with the blog, but I know there are only so many hours in the day. I've written enough about conscious choices and I had to make one.

Of course I couldn't go cold turkey, or leave so many dedicated readers to go cold turkey. That's why I've said I'm taking a "sort of break."

I do appreciate the kind notes and questions that you all have sent in since I started the blog in October 2008. I'm particularly thrilled with the notes telling me that I have given you the push to start keeping a visual journal and even to start making books. Some of you have even traveled to Minnesota to be part of my book arts classes and I'm honored and grateful that you have made that effort.

So to help us both through the next several weeks I've set up some posts that draw on items I have on my website. When I started my website I began a "journals" section where I posted images from my visual journals. After I started the blog I stopped updating the selections on my website, but there are items in those selections that I think are of interest, especially to my blog readers who haven't yet found my website, RozWorks.

Some Transitional Aid: Searching for Information on Roz Wound Up

Additionally I've put a search engine on the blog. You will find it in the left column, just below the category cloud. (Let me know if you find the "popular searches" feature which has the effect of creating it's own category cloud, is interesting or helpful to you or distracting. I'm still deciding.) I don't know how useful this will be and whether it will take you away from the blog to other material I have no control over, or if it will help you find what you want here at Roz Wound Up, but I really needed to try to install some sort of search engine.

I actually held a contest in June 2009 to find a useful search engine: Help Roz Help You. Rhomany wrote in to suggest Ligit. I looked at other suggestions as well. Then I got caught up in other matters and the project languished. Earlier this spring I contacted Rhomany again about this search engine and decided to give it a go. (I sent her the prize book.)

Even though I keep a list of what I've written about, and even though you can search by title and keyword in Typepad, there are times when I haven't been able to find what I wanted to find in my own blog! What has worked for me is using a Google Search set up like this: "rozwoundup", "item or keyword that I'm searching for"

The quotation marks help keep the search on my blog, and I've found it a useful technique. If the Ligit widget doesn't work for your searches of my blog, and the categories I've provided in the category list each have too many entries, and you don't remember the month of the post (so the archives aren't useful) you might give that a shot. 

For instance enter in Google Search "rozwoundup", "gouache palette"

You will get search results on Google which include Project 640 Tubes: Selecting a Gouache Palette, as well as Fun of the Best Kind: Work—Choosing a Palette. Since I typically link to other related posts within a new post, a quick scan of the post that comes up will also give you some link options. You might even find things you weren't looking for that you find interesting. I hope so. I like to think that new readers find the information and put it to use in their art and journaling and regular readers return to things they find valuable.

What To Expect for Schedule

I've set up posts that appear once a week, on Mondays. I hope that you'll regularly check in on that day. These posts will relate to material found on my website and discuss something I did in a given journal and encourage you to try something similar or consider some related issue. I think this approach will be a useful way to maintain the dialog we have begun together. Experienced journal keepers can enjoy the posts from a perspective of seeing what someone else has tried. New journal keepers can enjoy those posts as suggestions for experiments they can actually try in their efforts to establish a stronger journaling habit.

Will I be posting on other days? As time allows I will post short items about events or things I'm up to. These will appear randomly throughout the week. Some weeks there may be no additional posts.

Please Forgive Delays on Comment Processing

I'm trying to set up my comments section to post without my moderating input—but the one day I tried this I got some very odd spam that makes me leery of this. So please be patient if you post a comment and it doesn't pop up right away, or even within a day. There may be times when I don't get to the computer for two or three days at a time.

Your comments are very important to me and I hope to continue receiving them and answering them!

Beyond June (and July?) 2010

My plan for the future of this blog is that I will return to almost daily posting after this brief hiatus. Let's face it, I like daily projects. And more than one class of students has exclaimed in unison: "Tell us what you really think about something Roz."

We never know what will happen, however. Life has a habit of taking us on little side paths that seem like detours and then turn out to be the main event. In a way this blog became a much bigger part of my life than I expected when I started it. It has been a very fun adventure. One that has dovetailed nicely with my passions. I look forward to continuing it with all of you. I hope you'll join me during the hiatus, and beyond.

Let's Get a Jump on the Monday Post Thing

It's Tuesday, and rather than wait until next Monday, let's jump right in.

I've written about keeping one journal or many journals at various times on this blog. I tend to prefer keeping one visual journal and one written journal. The main exception for me at one time was my nature journal, and you can see some examples here.

The first four images in this selection are nature subjects that were in my regular visual journal. I'd already consolidated the nature journal into the visual journal. The rest of the images in that selection were in a variety of books kept exclusively for the purpose of journaling about nature-related subjects.

You can read about my journal of keeping one journal, then many, then basically one again in my post—Stats: A Yardstick for Planning and Assessing.

For me, one of the biggest benefits of having only one visual journal going at a time is that there is less to carry around. You don't have to stop and think "What if I stop at the river and want to sketch Geese, I'd better take that journal too." Besides that, my life is my life, one continuous stream.

But where do you fall on the issue of one or more journals? Does it work for you? Is it a constant juggle? Do you have to change your mental gears (and is that part of the pleasure of it)? Or are you starting to feel bogged down with lots of journals going, but nothing filling up?

Or maybe when you fragmented your journals you actually used that break up as an excuse to not do some aspect of your life any more and that's the journal that's languishing? What if you folded that orphan into your main journal again. Scary? But good?

Read the links I've given you this week and think about how you use your journal(s). Remember your journal works for you—not the other way around!

(p.s. remember, I want to hear all of your comments, it just might take me some time to moderate and get them posted. See you next Monday.)

    • Diane
    • June 1, 2010

    Hi, cannot get “my nature journal” link to work. You are my morning fix, along with my coffee. Thanks for what you do.


    • Linda
    • June 1, 2010

    Roz, How I will miss your daily words. I love coming here and reading. You give so much of yourself in these articals and I cant thank you enough for your thoughts and time. I guess I’m being selfish but I will miss your daily words. But I can imagine the time it takes for these columes. You have given me so much I cant thank you enough. I was doing this art path on my own learning from diffrent blogs books ect. But then I found this blog with this wonderful teacher who took the time to answer my comments to her and she has helped me so on this adventure this person is you Roz and I will miss this so. But take your time get the head rest we all need and I’ll be here reading and waiting for your return.
    Enjoy and get some rest!!,

    • Becky Soules
    • June 1, 2010


    I will miss my daily fix of art encouragement and lessons on technique. Enjoy your haitus and I hope your other projects go well.

    • Debbie L
    • June 1, 2010

    I will miss your reading your daily blog… but totally understand. I will continue to look for you on Mondays!

    • ambal
    • June 1, 2010

    Roz, First, I shall miss getting a ‘real’ dose of daily Roz although the substitutes sound interesting. Anyway, hope it’s good detours that have instigated this hiatus and not some distressful event. Take care, Ambal.

  1. Reply

    Diane, I’m sorry the link won’t work,just when I need to depend on the website it isn’t working! For the past several months there have been times when my host doesn’t seem to be “up” and I think this is one of those times because I can’t get to any pages on my own website either. This is not the time when I need to be changing my server and uploading the entire website which is huge. SIGH.

    Thank you for alerting me to this problem and please check the link at another time. Or go to and click on the “see her journals” link on the opening page and then look down at the bottom of the list that comes up for “Nature Journal.” (Way, way down on the bottom.)

    It might not work because the server might not be working yet (e.g., it doesn’t work for me right now), but it’s all I can do for right now.

    URGH. Thanks for hanging in there though! And for alerting me to the problem.

  2. Reply

    Ambal, thanks. I’ll miss the daily posts myself. And with the website problems Diane has found my alternative seems to be problematical, but I have to go forward. Thank you also for your kind wishes. I’m at a point where a bit of reorganization is all aspects of my life is needed, but we have to keep working too—it will all get done. Thank goodness for the journal!

  3. Reply

    Debbie thanks for hanging in there with Mondays—and sorry for any technical difficulties my website might give you (as it is giving me and Diane this a.m.!)

  4. Reply

    Linda, thank you for your very kind words. I’m glad the blog has been helpful to you. I look forward to getting it in full swing again. I’m sorry in advance if the tech problems Diane and I are having plague you, but I hope you’ll check back with the links if they do.

  5. Reply

    Becky, thanks for the good wishes, and thanks for reading!

  6. Reply

    Carol, the State Fair posts are LEGION! So they will keep you busy for awhile (if my server gets their act in gear—check back if you end up having problems). have a great time at your fair!!!!! Sketch away!

  7. Reply

    I will miss your daily posts! I read them every morning; it was like having a teacher and mentor dropping by to instruct and encourage during breakfast.

    But I will content myself with re-reading your old posts and, who knows, perhaps I’ll fill in that now empty time with a little journal work.

  8. Reply

    Maggie, well I miss writing my daily posts too, but there has been so much going on here that it was the perfect week to step away. Next week I have to really buckle down and finish some deadline-looming work! I’m glad you’re going to look at some past posts along with the Monday posts. But I do think that journaling to fill that time is an EXCELLENT idea!

    • Chris
    • June 12, 2010

    I have to say that having been a great fan of the collected journals over at Rozworks I kinda miss them. I was one of those people that enjoyed when you posted a sketch with a link to a companion watercolor or a print with the sketch it came from. I liked flipping back and forth to compare what you did ” in trranslation”. I get some of the same things here, but the progression is broken up. The advantage here is that I get your direct observations and comments.
    However, my favorite is still your carving-a -day collection.
    There is a strength to a collection all in one place.

  9. Reply

    Chris, you bring up a point that I debate off and on. I loved doing my journal updates on my website, but once I started doing the blog it was so hungry that I needed to scan and put up pieces as I did them. It seemed redundant to put them up on the website as well. And what more could I say about the pieces.

    For the most part the blog posts are done chronologically so you still get the walk through an individual journal—it just takes days, or longer. (For example all the Weirdo Journal pieces were put up in rather quick succession and can be viewed together with as few clicks as going through a selection group on my website—albeit with far more text! I even dedicated a page to it so that all the links are readily find-able.)

    There is a strength to a collection all in one place. And for projects like the carving a day I’ll probably continue to put them up as a group.

    There is an aspect, for me, that once something is posted, that going back and posting it in a collection on the website would be a waste of time—time I could be making new entries.

    That’s one of the reasons my website archives don’t go back much before journal entries from 1998. There has to be a cut off point somewhere and we always have to be focusing on the new work.

    Sometimes I miss the days when my internet “commitment” could be taken care of in one day’s burst of focused attention every quarter. Other times I think it is great to have the opportunity to post things when the painting and thinking and process is fresh in my mind.

    I think it is fun to create short videos which page through the various journals because I think together with the pages I choose to post, there is actually more on display than my previous website selections. People watching the videos actually get to see the entire journal in the video for space usage and flow, even if they can’t read the personal bits—which I wouldn’t have posted otherwise. So I think it’s a nice compromise.

    For now—that’s my mantra—for now.

    I may flip flop and ditch the blog and only post on my website at sometime in the future. I never know. (Though I am fond of the blog.)

    Thanks for the comment. It is something that I do think on every so often.

    • Chris
    • June 13, 2010

    Oooh a book on ISSU would be cool!

  10. Reply

    Chris, I’m slow, slow, slow today (after a difficult bike ride) and don’t know what ISSU is. Please enlighten.

    • Chris
    • June 14, 2010

    This is one of those free places where you upload images and it makes a book that works online like a slideshow. You can also add music I think or commentary. I’ve seen some really nice ones from the people at Urban Sketchers.
    Here’s Liz Steel’s travel journal (from Urban Sketchers)

  11. Reply

    Chris as soon as you explained it I remembered it from having seen someone’s book from Urban Sketchers!

    Thanks for reminding me about this. I need to go and look into that.

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