Strathmore Illustration Board for Wet Media—A Quick Revisit

June 29, 2010

My pigeon is in an e-ad.

Wet_jan_gooad_300x250_0121 Left: My pigeon sketch is in one of the e-advertisement banners for this product—flipped to face a different way. The pigeon was made with watersoluble colored pencil.

Will this pigeon staring at you induce you to buy this product? Hope so because, as an early adopter,* I would really like to see this product have a long life.

I recently received this ad from the Strathmore marketing manager. After I posted my pigeon on this blog in August 2009 the folks at
Strathmore found my review of Strathmore Illustration Board for Wet Media. (Read my blog review of the product at that link.)  And that's how the pigeon ended up on their

Seeing this advertisement reminded me that when I talk to people there are still so few people who know this product is out there. Yes it's too thick to fold and turn into books (unless of course you want to cut it into pieces and bind them as single sheets—now might be the time to try out Keith Smith's Volume IV Non-Adhesive Binding: Smith's Sewing Single Sheets), but that doesn't mean it isn't great fun to work on for your stand alone art pieces.

If you are looking for a stiff board suitable for wet media Strathmore has created a delightful sheet and I encourage you to check it out.  

*It's funny, my friends can't even get me to go near an iPhone, but I have great difficulty walking by paper of any strength and subtlety.

    • karen
    • June 29, 2010

    Wow. This is fantastic! I love seeing your pigeon endorsing this product!

  1. Reply

    Congratulations Roz, I would buy that board based solely on your illustration. So they have a good marketing person in charge of this campaign. Hope you got paid a lot of money for it!

  2. Reply

    Thanks Karen, thanks Donna.

    Donna, this is just one of those “exposure” things. We’ll see if that “exposure” turns into something else. Sometimes it does (I’ve met some great clients this way), sometimes it doesn’t (well, I’ve still supported a product I love.)

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