Ricë Freeman-Zackery at Wet Paint and Beyond

June 6, 2010

Ricë Freeman-Zachery visits the Twin Cities.

RiceWP9904 Left: Ricë talks using her hands—unfortunately my camera didn't get the motion. (The audience is out of view.)

My friend Ricë Freeman-Zackery is on a long, long road trip to promote her latest book, "Creative Time and Space: Making Time for Making Art".

A group of about twenty gathered at Wet Paint to hear her talk about her new book and about creativity. Ricë asked me to be on hand (as one of the artists interviewed in the book) to field questions as well. It was great fun. Ricë enjoyed the store ("We don't have anything like this in Midland."), the staff, and the Minnesotans who came out to meet her.

She and her husband Earl also stayed on for a visit with me and Dick. I got to show them the sights, take them on a walk along the Mississippi and through the University of Minnesota campus, zip around some of the several lakes that grace Minneapolis, and prove to Earl that "yes, the Mall of America is larger than the Galleria in Houston." It was the one place he wanted to definitely see and it was great fun to see his face when we walked up to the center, where the indoor amusement park is—for the "reveal."

The weather mostly cooperated, with our walking day mostly in the 80s and our driving around day mostly in the 60s. I was able to show them enough of the Cities that Ricë now has a notion as to why someone might live this far north.

I talked so much in the two days that they were here that I actually was hoarse! (I do after all work alone.) After much laughter and catching up, they were off to continue on their research for their next book (for which Earl is taking the photos) and more readings and talks for the current book.

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    It was Ricë’s book that led me to you. I am glad you got to spend time with her and had a nice visit.

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    I am going to participate in Rice’s panel discussion here in New York. I am really looking forward to it! I had been looking forward to meeting her and really like her. We met in Hampton, VA. at Art and Soul. I can’t wait to someday meet you, I would love to draw with you.

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    Melly, I know you’ll have great fun at Ricë’s panel discussion. I understand our friend Wendy Hale Davis is going to be joining you all as well—she is a fantastically talented visual journal artist and a wonderful person. And of course there is the EGE! With those three you’re sure to have a great time!

    I hope that we get to draw together sometime soon!

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