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June 27, 2010

Poking around Rhodia Drive blog.

I know that a lot of journal keepers only write in their journals. They look specifically for paper that is great to write on, with their pen of choice. I've been poking around the blog Rhodia Drive. I don't use Rhodia books because I don't like the way they are bound: a fold over flap that is stapled in place—but I keep hearing of people who just love them.

If writing is your primary approach to journaling and you are looking for notebooks with pen-friendly paper, I think you might also want to check out this blog, Rhodia Drive. (I'm adding it to my blog roll so that you can easily check it without finding this post again.) There are some interesting posts on pens and Quo Vadis calendars (which led me to the selection of Quo Vadis calendars which made me wish I didn't simply put a new calendar in the back of each journal so I only had one book to carry about). I used to use these daily planners back in the 90s.

Aside: I have to admit that I have quite a fondness for pages divided up
into grids, days, charts, and such. Recently at Wet Paint the owner
Beth brought out the most adorable TINY pocket calendar with a very fat
spine, and leather covers (faux leather?)
in delightful neon colors. I think they
were from Moleskine (which also has its own line of pocket calendars sized like their regular journals). These tiny calendars won't be available for purchase until closer to the fall but the
future looks pretty bright for people who carry daily planners!

But I digress—that's what grids and ruled lines and columns do to me, distract me.

Rhodia Drive also has an interesting blog roll that will lead you to blogs which talk about stationery—pens, papers, journals, calendars, you name it. (My blog is on that list; it's how I found Rhodia—someone came to visit me from that blog.)

The blog list is how I found Field Notes which had a wonderful post showing what surely must be stationery heaven, located in the Queen Victoria Building in Sydney, Australia. That blog also has some interesting polls, like one about pen usage—What Pen Do You Use? Thirteen percent use a stolen one!

So if you are interested in office supplies, school supplies, pens, writing paper, and notebooks (whether for writing or even visual journaling) you might want to spend some time checking out the other like-minded folks on the blog roll at Rhodia Drive. Of course each of those blogs will have blog rolls and so on and so on. But it will be a fun way to find out about products you might never otherwise see, like the To-Do Tattoo found on The School Supplies Sleuth!

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    Hi, Roz –
    I can’t tell you how happy it makes me to check your blog and see a new post! I was expecting to go through withdrawal in June with only once-a-week posts, but you’ve actually posted quite a bit more than once a week. You certainly deserve a break, so I’m a bit worried you might not have had the vacation from blogging you were planning. I hope you’re taking the time you need, but at the same time, I wanted to thank you for all the wonderful sketches and discussions! I love every one of them. 🙂
    – Melinda

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    Hi Roz!

    In addition to the top stapled Rhodia tablets, they also have spiral bound books, the hardcover Webbie and side-stapled books.

    Thanks for the shout-out!

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    Stephanie, thanks for the heads up about the other possible notebooks! I’ve only seen a limited selection of those stapled ones so now I know to be on the look out. Thank you. I love what you’re doing on your blog.

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