Get Ready for the Second Annual Minnesota State Fair Sketch Out: Saturday, August 28

June 30, 2010

That’s right folks, details for this year’s Minnesota State Fair Sketch Out. I can hard stand it!

FairMeetings2010 Left: Map showing the locations of our two meetings.

That's right folks it's time to start thinking about the 2010 Minnesota State Fair. And that means: 


Mark your calendars for the MCBA Visual Journaling Collective's Second Annual Minnesota State Fair Sketch Out.

Any visual journal keeper or sketcher is welcome. We want to fill the grounds with people sketching, so come along and join us.

There will be a meeting at 1 p.m. at location A on the Map at the right: The corner of Liggett Street and Judson, right at the Cinnamon Bun stand.

This first meeting will be a great time to share the work you've already completed in the morning (if you came early to sketch), and meet up with friends and other sketchers if you are feeling funny about sketching in public. Also at the opening meeting we will be discussing how the video taping will go. (Last year we all spent the first 30 minutes after the meeting sketching in the Poultry Barn so Ken Avidor could video tape us.)

After the meeting we will go off and sketch until 4 p.m. We will then meet at point B on the bottom map, which is between the Ag-Hort Building and the Food Building. If you arrive there early take time to sketch the crowd feasting on Fair food! (We've shortened the sketching time between meetings so that it's not as
intimidating for new participants.) At that meeting we will share our work and any adventures from the day. We will also take photos of people with their sketches, to be posted on Urban Sketchers—Twin Cities. Of course, after the meeting, people can continue sketching and arrange for other meetings as they desire.

Last year we had 10 participants in the inaugural sketch out. We've changed to a weekend day because many folks told us they couldn't get away on weekdays. If you still can't join us, don't worry—I sketch out several days during the Fair, as do other visual journal artist friends of mine. You might just see us in the barns or wherever there are interesting people to sketch (which is everywhere of course). And if you can't get to the sketch out, but you go solo to the Fair to sketch the animals from life, we'd still love to see your sketches for Urban Sketchers—Twin Cities. You can still part of the sketch out!

So get out those calendars and clear the day. We go rain or shine, cool or hot—we sketch! I hope to see you there!

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