Some More about Blue and Orange

May 13, 2010

Another look at orange and blue.


Above: Sketch of a dog using blue and orange paint. Pentel Pocket Brush Pen. Schmincke Pan Watercolors with a Niji waterbrush. In a journal handmade with Gutenberg paper (8 x 8 inches). Click on the image to view an enlargement (and you'll see the paper's texture more clearly too).

All that testing of orange and blue paint resulted in my need to sketch something late the other night, with of course, orange and blue paint. Both paints used were Schmincke Pan watercolors that I have been writing about. I used my favorite orange, translucent orange, and mixed it on the paper with a blue I don't use often, Helio Blue reddish. The opposite page is simply two columns of text in which I try to sort out what type of raptor glided across my path on my bike ride earlier in the day. (The subject is a merle dog that was on a TV show. I was playing around for some sort of way to capture merle without detailing it. I'll keep working on that.)

Typically I use the heavier weight Gutenberg to make books for visual journaling, but they didn't have any the other day at Wet Paint. The lighter weight paper has all the nice properties of handling the wet washes, but it buckles, as you can see on the scan. Keep this in mind if that is a concern for you. (I find I prefer to collage on the heavier weight Gutenberg as well.) Gutenberg is a lovely creamy color with dark fiber flecks. You can see the laid texture, but there is also a nubbiness to the paper that I enjoy. It is smooth enough to write on easily (as I think my column of text testifies) but it breaks up the pen line in the most wonderful of ways.

More on orange and blue will follow…

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    This little painting is fabulous, Roz. I’d love to see more in this color combination. Many thanks, too, for your sound advice re my concerns (in response to your post about privacy) about journaling last week. I’m taking it to heart.

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    Kim, thanks. I’m glad you enjoyed this quick dog sketch. I love orange and blue so you will definitely see more of it. I’m always using orange and blue in my turkey sketches!

    I’m glad the privacy-issues post is giving you food for thought. Number one thing is to keep the journal useful for yourself—however you define useful!

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    I love this sketch. About the Kraft books? I had my artists mixed up. Sorry. I’ve printed him off and will use him as an inspiration for a friends dog..however they don’t look anything alike. This one has such wonderful eyes.

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