MCAD Commencement Exhibition—My Favorite Emerging Artist Rachel Nusbaum

May 11, 2010

A graduating class displays their artwork.

Rachel9754 Left: artist Rachel Nusbaum standing in front of her graduation art project "Rachel's Rules" at the MCAD gallery. (Artworks ©2010 Rachel Nusbaum.)

My favorite emerging artist, Rachel Nusbaum, is graduating in "print, paper, book" from Minneapolis College of Art and Design (MCAD). Her "Rachel's Rules" project is on display in the commencement exhibition at MCAD.

The exhibit is up in the MCAD Gallery (and adjacent gallery spaces throughout the main building) through Sunday, May 16.

There is a reception on Saturday, May 15 at 5 p.m. (The website doesn't give an endtime so arrive early to be sure and see the artists).

Rachel's series of pressure prints are accompanied by a short shelf of 8 cards. The series illustrates rules of modern day etiquette with each card stating one of the illustrated rules. The cards are letterpress printed. (Visitors are welcome to take a rule card. If you are not local and cannot attend the show you can view Rachel's Rules on her dedicated website.) There are more rules being planned for the future.

I love Rachel's sense of humor, but also her ability to look critically at the world around her. She is able to turn her observations into work that is fun to view, but also worth thinking about. Rachel's project is located in the main gallery on the ground

I toured the exhibit on Friday and was thrilled to see an increased emphasis on rendering skills. Other standout projects you'll see include Eric Anton Johnson's fabulous book of interviews of printmakers accompanied by prints he made, incorporating bits of the interviews. Drew Paterson has produced a book and display about shoes which tells us a lot about our culture. Jessie Schnieder has created lovely, detailed, and colorful paintings with details within details, merging a sense of decorative motif and pattern with the idea of illustration. Lauren Baier's business card announces "experience design" (I love the "hi there!" on her card) and has provided an interactive display where you can watch and record your own responses to questions about chocolate. (I watched as a friend responded to a question and it is rather interesting what transpires.) And finally, I have to mention Kari Thomson—because she presented a series of bird paintings that I loved, ranging from small birds to large, most seem to be pretty much lifesize. You can see them on her website, but it is worth seeing them in person because of size and presentation.

These are just some of the wonderful works on display, ranging from graphic design, to painting, to graphic novels, to illustration, to installation. Go check it all out.

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    Ahh, you make me wish I lived nearby! Fortunately, Cleveland has its own Cleveland Institute of Art, where I’m going to school and where we just finished up “BFA Week” — a similar celebration of the work of graduating seniors. I wrote and illustrated an essay about it for the Plain Dealer (the Cleveland paper), sked to come out on Sunday. It’s just so great to see the energy of creative force that’s being sprung on the world. Thanks for sharing these artists and their links.

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    Karen, congratulations on finishing your BFA and having your illustrated essay in the Plain Dealer!!! Good luck with your future as an artist post-school!

  3. Oh, alas, Roz — I haven’t yet finished my BFA. My piece in the PD is merely about seeing them with the eye of a 49-year-old humble art student.

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