Focusing on Faces Continues (Part III): Playing with Color and Letting Go of Your Sketch

May 2, 2010

Pushing your sketch with color.

100416WomanGouache Left: a Pentel Pocket Brush Pen sketch painted over with Schmincke gouache on a 6.5 inch square page.

Quick brush pen sketches of faces from 19th Century and early 20th Century photos—my writing topic the past few days.

Make your own set of facial sketches and use them as an opportunity to play with colors you don't normally use. Here I took the opportunity work with a new triad of blue, yellow, and red. The yellow was Indian Yellow. For the blue I actually used two blues—mostly Helio blue, but then also a bit of cerulean (chin and some of the hair). 

Always the notetaker I got distracted and didn't note my red. I think it was Naphthol, but a closer look shows a bit of quin violet sneaking in, so it wasn't exactly a triad after all! It was, however, a departure from my usual combinations.

One of the things I love about sketching with the Pentel Pocket Brush Pen is that at some point you have to decide if you want to push the sketch to something else. Do you love your lines so much you can't bear to cover them up with paint? Well sometimes you just have to cover them with paint anyway, give up those lines, let go, and see what comes of the letting go. What more can you learn?

If you go into it with that attitude then the letting go isn't scary at all. And the result? Well it's always instructive. How fun is that?

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    Your faces are terrific Roz. I do hope that you make a video of your entire fake journal. I’m going over to your fake journal site now to look at your stuff.

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    Thank you Donna. I just got back from tracking with two friends (one had an 8-month old puppy to start who did fantastically well; the other had a three year old dog who worked his problems brilliantly—so it was a fantastic morning), and I have taken the video bits (because my little camera only shoots 60 second segments) and I’m going to splice it together and post it later today. I would say, check the other blog at 4 or so (central daylight savings time) and it will be up. I’ll continue to post the actual pages so people can read them, until I get to the 30th and final entry.

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