Don’t Be a Bride of Grendel—Go See “How To Train Your Dragon” in 3D!

May 16, 2010

Go see this movie.

SPOILER ALERT: this post may contain clues to things you don't want to know about the movie before seeing the movie—so just go to the movie!!!

Do you want to know why 3D animation is cool? Do you want to know what it's like to ride a flying a dragon? Do you want to be entertained by interesting characters and a plot (which while it has a few holes—sure a dragon's nest of different breeds?—is in every way superior to any other recent dragon-related movie, and you know what I'm talking about)? Then go see How to Train Your Dragon. It's STUNNING!

But more important: it's fun. It takes the writer and director and editor 98 minutes to do what Cameron couldn't manage in almost 3 hours (162 minutes).

You will want to see this movie because the 3D effects are used brilliantly. And of course for all the other reasons listed above. But you'd better get to the theater soon. Circumstances delayed us from going in the early days and I'm glad we finally got there. Did I mention you want to see this movie in 3D? Do it.

I just have one quibble—if you are going to decide to have all the adult Vikings speak with Scottish accents it's rather too bad that you couldn't find a part for THE definitive Scottish Voice—Sir Sean Connery.

OK, I have two quibbles—the other one is a slight sense of discomfort—I'm not sure when this movie was supposed to be set, and I never got a good look at the binding of Hiccup's journal, but it struck me as out of place based on my guess as to when the movie was supposed to take place. I'm willing to forgive and just put it down to my sense of when the movie is set being off.

And then I have one question—is there any movie out right now that doesn't have Gerard Butler in it? He does a good job here so I'll over look the lack of Connery.

Have you ordered tickets yet? Really, go see this movie.

Note: Do not take young children. There is violence and a lot of action that isn't suitable for young children. It's PG for a reason.

Best reasons to see this movie: You'll leave happy, uplifted, excited, visually stimulated, stunned, satisfied (and not filled with bile from internal arguments with the film makers). Your hearing will be as you brought it. You won't feel limp, exhausted, and bullied. You'll be OK, not "less OK."

Really, go see this movie. If there had been another showing of this movie when I saw it I would have sat through it all again—right then. I can't remember the last time I felt like that—Oh, yeah—"UP."

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