Wire Coatings and a Little Quilt

April 16, 2010

What happened to a bracelet I made and other matters.

Above: A bracelet I made using a wire weaving technique (Viking Knit) and a little quilt. Read about them below.

In February of this year I sent my friend Ricë Freeman-Zachery some jewelry I'd made with orange beads and wire—it's one of her favorite colors. I told her to keep it or give it away as she wished. (She always has fun give-aways on her blog so you really should check it out.) She kept some pieces but gave one away. You can see the bracelet give-away here.

The bracelet you see on her site was very similar to the one pictured above. The one above was totally woven wire with no beaded bits. More or less a bangle of woven wire. But it was originally the same colors as the bracelet Ricë gave away. Ricë told me when she received this bracelet that she put it on and wore it from then on, even in the shower, until she sent it back to me, which was a couple of weeks ago.

I wanted you all to see it in case you work with the brand of colored wired called "Artistic Wire." I knew the finish would come off (heck you have to be careful when wire wrapping it that you don't expose the core with quick scrapes of your tools), but I didn't expect it to rub off that quickly (in only about 8 weeks).

Yes, wearing a piece every day might not be what everyone with this type of jewelry does. And yes, Ricë continued to wear all her other favorite bangles at the same time, which means there was constant bumping and movement against other hard metal objects. Still I thought it would last longer.

And while the bracelet didn't take that long to make, the technique is rather stressful on your fingers as you maintain tension. You do want it to last for a bit. Sigh.

I do love the way the colored wire looks in this type of fabrication. I will look at other colored wired to see if they are more resistant to scrapes. If you know of a brand, let me know. In the meantime it looks like I'll be going back to using only silver for pieces that are going to get a lot of wear.

Now about that little quilt: readers of my blog or Ricë's blog will know she thinks Dick's name is mighty funny. Go listen to the podcast we did (left column of this blog—really it's a fun podcast you need to hear it; it's about making time for creative pursuits), she and I go at it over Dick.

Well one of her blog readers got such a kick out of this she made a little quilt for me using what look like sentences from one of those old "Dick and Jane" learn to read books. She then gave it to Ricë at a book signing and asked her to send it to me—which Ricë did, as evidenced by the photo. Sadly Ricë can't remember the name of the fabric artist who made it. If that little quilt is your doing I would love to know it to say, "Thanks." So whether or not you write in, please know that I enjoy it immensely and appreciate it. Thank you.

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