The MCBA Visual Journal May 8 Sketch Out Is Coming!

April 27, 2010

The Collective’s special May Sketch Out.

050507llama Left: A llama sketch from my 2005 visual journal—made on a trip to the Shepherd's Festival. (That Daniel Smith Buff Titanium sure was useful on this day!) This is a journal I made with Gutenberg, 6 x 8 inch page size, approx. Click on the image to view and enlargement.

While there is no Monday night meeting for the MCBA Visual Journal Collective in May, there is a special Sketch Out at the Shepherd's
Harvest Sheep and Wool Festival
at the Washington County Fair
Grounds in Lake Elmo, MN.

The Shepherd's Harvest Sheep and Wool Festival Sketch Out is on Saturday, May 8.

The festival is free (as is parking) and open on Saturday from 9 a.m. to
5 p.m.
Mark your calendar and plan to come along and sketch.

Currently there are no firm plans for "meeting times," but I'm going to be there from 10:30 a.m. with a couple sketching friends. Look for us in the barns. (It's a small county fairgrounds so this isn't a daunting task!) If people show up and want to set up an "end time get together" we can arrange one on-site. (I'll probably be around until 3 p.m. or so.) Otherwise we can share our work as we bump into each other in the barns and buildings.

If you are intimidated by the thought of sketching in
public, don't worry, come and join with those of us who do it all the
time. It's great fun!

A bit of advice: whatever the weather is like when you get up
in the morning dress in layers! It is always cold in the barns and most
years it has been raining! Seeing the sheep, goats, llamas (the event runs at the same time and location as the Llama festival, with alpacas too), and of
course bunny agility, makes it all worthwhile. This event is also great
practice for the Minnesota State Fair.  

You might want to read my post "Minnesota State Fair Prep—#6: Dressing for Success" to get an idea of what might be appropriate—with the addition of warm layers and maybe some waterproof shoes (if it's raining) and some toe warmer inserts (if it's really cold—if it's damp and in the 50s outside the barns are going to be cold).

"Minnesota State Fair Prep—#7: Sketching Animals (or People) at the Fair" might also be useful if you haven't done this type of thing before—but keep in mind the crowds are much smaller and the people less intense. This is a great introductory event if you've never done this sort of thing before.

What you bring along for sketching will weigh you down by the end of the day, so you might also want to check out "Minnesota State Fair Prep—Part4: "Travel" Essentials for Sketchers."

If you are interested in coming and want to know if any meeting times have been set up at the last minute, send me an email on Friday, May 7, BEFORE 5 p.m., and I'll fill you in. Otherwise, just head out, sketch, and meet us by chance!

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    I just love this sketch! I’ve been trying my hand at watercolor lately. Only having tried it and failed so miserably on so many occasions do I realize how wonderful the subtle shading and color transitioning and highlights in your sketch are! Thank you for posting this.

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    Thanks for the good advice, Roz! I’m seriously thinking of doing this. I used International Fake Journal Month as a time to commit to watercolor every day (or most days) for one month, and I’ve already learned a TON–all very basic things, I’m sure, but still revelations to me. I really like the idea of the ongoing daily practice you describe. Thanks for the idea and the encouragement! I’ll let you know how it goes. 🙂

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    Melinda, I’m glad it’s helpful. I’m glad that International Fake Journal Month has been helpful in this regard too. I think that’s one of the best things that can come out of it—a daily practice of working with one medium and getting a handle on it.

    I’ll look forward to hearing how it goes!

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