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The MCBA Visual Journal May 8 Sketch Out Is Coming!

The Collective’s special May Sketch Out.


MCBA Visual Journal Collective: Report on April’s Meeting—Drawing Botanicals

Report on our recent meeting.

Silkscreening Your Journal Sketches on Fabric at the July Meeting of the MCBA Visual Journal Collective

The MCBA Visual Journal Collective is having a printing on fabric workshop. Read the full post for details: new time, new place, and a small fee for this workshop.


A Case for Ergonomics and Some Paper Fun

Above: Three journals I made a week ago. The book on the left is made with Gutenberg for text paper. The scraps from making that book were used to make the narrow book on the far right. The center book uses Stonehenge from a new batch I'm testing. Click on the image to view an enlargement.

The other day I received a note from a reader asking why I wrote in a post "when I no longer make my own books." I wrote back explaining that bookbinding can take a toll on your body, especially your back and your hands. Today I wanted to urge all of you to consider the following when setting out on the adventure of binding your own books.

1. Set up your workspace so that your table is the right height (no excessive bending).

2. Set up your workspace so that you are not reaching wide distances to pick up heavy things (a sure way to tear your rotator cuff.)

3. Pace yourself. I have trouble with this one folks. I start a batch of books and then just get carried away and want to finish them all as soon as possible. I'm getting better. Please trust me on this. Break up your work flow into different activities such as tearing or cutting paper, then folding, then sewing, then casing in. Do all of these activities for short periods, taking breaks to rest your back and hands. Repetitive stress is lurking out there waiting to happen.

Upcoming Twin Cities Art Shows

Upcoming art events.


Hand•Book Journal Company’s Watercolor Sketchbook

I test the Hand•book Watercolor journal.


Lee Love and Jean Shannon: From Mashiko to Minnesota, Two

Upcoming art show.


My Cunning Plan: Infiltrating the Journals and Sketchbooks of Others

I launch a new and cunning plan.

MCBA Visual Journal Collective Meeting Reminder

Meeting reminder


Wire Coatings and a Little Quilt

What happened to a bracelet I made and other matters.

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