Reminder: Book Arts Roundtable Tuesday Night

March 28, 2010

Reminder of Book Arts Roundtable on Tuesday!

I had the great good fun to meet Angie Butler and Lilla Duignan on Saturday in my "Urban Journaling" class. (I'll post more about the class in the next few days.) You too can meet these two book artists at their Roundtable discussion on Tuesday. The details are below. The event is at MCBA in Open Book and is free and open to the public.

Tuesday, March 30;
Book Arts Collaborations from Across The Pond:
Angie Butler and Lilla Duignan of CoCoLlab

Angie Butler & Lilla Duignan of CoCoLlab are
artists interested in contributions to alternative models of
dissemination beyond the current network of book arts fairs and
exhibitions in the UK. They will be spending ten days or so among the
MCBA community networking, collaborating and developing some
participatory projects to extend their collaborative practice within a
wider contextual setting. At the March 30 Roundtable, join Lllla and
Angie for an entertaining evening "salon"—with traditional tea served
in proper china, and homemade Fairy Cakes to add a little English
flavour! After a casual presentation about their book arts experiences
on both sides of the pond, they hope to get to know and learn from the
MCBA community. So please feel comfortable to chat, share advice, make
friends and collaborate!

To preview just one of Angie and
Lilla's unique collaborations with other book and multidisciplinary
check out
this project
from the UWE (Bristol, U.K.) Artists Book Club. (And
explore the UWE book arts website for many more!) 

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