“Lagerfeld Confidential”—Watch for It

February 21, 2010

A film goes behind the scenes in the fashion industry.

Sundance has a "Full Frontal Fashion" festival running these days. The documentary about Karl Lagerfeld's workshop (all the ladies sewing and sewing) "Signe Chanel," that I mentioned long ago was rerun. Also there were several hours devoted to Savile Row tailors. (Wow.) Some of these items may run again. I wish I had known they were on so I could have given you a more timely heads up. But one thing I can tell you to watch out for is the film "Lagerfeld Confidential."

Currently no new showings are listed but it may be available "On Demand" from your cable company or from Netflicks. I recommend you seek it out. You will get an interesting behind-the-scenes look at fashion from someone who is at the top of the field. More importantly you'll get to hear his take on fashion and working in a creative field. Anyone who wants to make art of any sort should see this film. When he says "fashion," pop in your own medium. When he says (and I'm parphrasing) fashion isn't fair, but dangerous, unfair, and risky—if you want social justice work for the social security administration—well frankly that's something every artist has to remember every day of his life. 

His comments about coming up with ideas, the drive to work, and the way he talks about letting go provide an insight into his creative outlook. It's definitely worth tracking down. 

When you're at the Full Frontal link for the Lagerfeld film, scroll down and around and check out some of the other links which lead to short videos on fashion.

    • Nita
    • February 21, 2010

    Yes, Netflix has this film coming. Availability is “short wait.” Meanwhile, they have a LOT of other documentaries on artists in all fields: fashion, painting, graffiti art, dance, theatre . . . Most are available instantly to your computer if you have Windows’ Silverlight player.

    I love Netflix for this kind of “never comes to a theatre” films!

    • Roz
    • February 21, 2010

    Nita, thank you for writing in about Netflix! I hope people take advantage of it. This is a really interesting movie.

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