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Favorite Papers?…Buying Paper Samplers—It Just Makes Sense

Thoughts on finding the perfect paper.


Stonehenge Paper: More Tests—Concluded

Final experiments on Stonehenge.

Sketch UP: Don’t Forget to RSVP

Don’t forget Sunday’s event!


Stonehenge Paper: More Tests—Colored Pencil

Colored Pencil tests on Stonehenge paper.


Stonehenge Paper: More Tests—A Deal Breaker

More experiments with this paper.

Prized Possessions: Episode Six—Penguin Wind-up Toy

Another prized possession.

“Lagerfeld Confidential”—Watch for It

A film goes behind the scenes in the fashion industry.

Compliments: Specific Details Help Us Frame Our Gratitude

Thinking about compliments and gratitude.


A Parting Look at My Lion’s Cover Journal

Finishing my Lion’s cover journal with puffins.

Snow Piles: A Fact of Life

Ken Avidor wants you to notice snow piles!

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