Cornered!: David Steinlicht’s Book Signing

December 10, 2009

David Steinlicht’s booksigning Saturday, 4 to 6 p.m. at Big Brain Comics!

Saturday, December 12, 4 to 6 p.m. at Big Brain Comics

Big Brain Comics is located at 1027 Washington Ave. South, Downtown Minneapolis (near MCBA).

David Steinlicht will be signing copies of his new comic collection, Cornered!: The best of David Steinlicht's In This Corner comic from the Saint Paul Pioneer Press, this Saturday.

David has worked as a graphic artist and designer for the St. Paul Pioneer Press for the past twelve years. For five years, "In This Corner" has appeared as a weekly comic in that newspaper. The comic is mostly about pop culture. It manages to be thoughtful, funny, perceptive, and not a little wacky all at the same time. Some of the comics, such as his June 7, 2007 mediation on the perfect soft-serve ice cream cone succeed in capturing simple ruminations we all experience in life—only with "crunch." That's no small feat. As you can tell I'm a big fan. I haven't even said anything about the deceptively simple visual style David brings to the comic which he draws on the computer: elegant (see November 16, 2006).

And I didn't mention the book also has many helpful life tips. As we head
into another Minnesota winter with snow on the ground it's good to
remember: "Food coloring + snow = fun!"

Check out one of my recent favorites: "The five stages of waiting in line at the grocery store."

Come out this Saturday and support David with a purchase of his book. You need it! Especially if you live in Minnesota (which would actually give you a good chance of attending the signing). And if you don't live in Minnesota, contact Big Brain and order a copy—discover what it's like to live in St. Paul, or Minnesota, or actually, anywhere on the planet if you happen to be human and paying attention. Read a few pages and you're sure to find yourself more observant, more curious. Who else could make salmonella funny? (June 15, 2006.)

Tip: This book would be the ideal holiday gift for a former Twin Citean who is now basking in the sun in Arizona, New Mexico, California, or parts even more exotic! Send them a taste of home.

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    Aw, shucks . . .

    Looking forward to seeing you at Big Brain Saturday.

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