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Puppy Breath: There is Nothing Like It

I visit the newest member of my friend Roseanne’s household: Tucker, an 8-week-old male German Shepherd Dog.


Irodori Antique Watercolor from Holbein

Swatches from a triad of Irodori Antique watercolors from Holbein.


Another Weirdo Journal

Out of the frying pan into the fire: an even weirder weirdo journal.


Twin Cities Life Drawing Co-ops

Above: Derwent Graphitint sketch on smooth paper in a Great Canadian Sketchbook, 11 x 14 inches. (Note Graphitints are not lightfast. I currently only use them for quick sketches such as life-drawing.) Read more about this sketch where it appears in the journal selection gallery at This post was last updated on December 4, […]


I Never Have Any Wrapping Paper

Wrapping a package without wrapping paper.

Gigapanning With Tom

More short videos from my gigapanning trip to Como with Tom.

Films for the Holidays

It's time to revisit holiday movie choices and after giving it some thought I decided to make my post from last year about this topic a PAGE (see the "Pages" list under "Categories" in the left column), so that it can be easily located. Also, I find that I'm sticking with my list. I hope […]


Films for the Holidays

  Note: This page originally appeared as a post on December 25, 2008. I added it as a page because the holidays are here again (November 25, 2009) and I’m sticking to my list. Left: actor James Stewart in a still from “The Naked Spur” which is an Anthony Mann western and NOT a holiday […]

The Weirdo Journal Completed

A look inside the completed weirdo journal I was discussing in October and November 2009.

Wendy Hale Davis’ Latest Journal

Wendy’s newest journal is stunning!

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