Glee—You Must Watch This Television Show

September 15, 2009

I hate it when I find a new show and it isn't clear WHEN it is going to be on. That's the only problem with "GLEE" on Fox. I saw it on a Wednesday night; I saw it repeated on Friday. The Network schedule shows other premieres this week, but shows a new episode on Wednesday at 9 p.m. (must be eastern) and an encore on Friday at the same time. So for now you have TWO chances to see this show. You can also see full episodes on the website.

Track this show down and watch it. The show follows the lives of a well-intentioned, somewhat clueless, wants-to-help-his-kids-realize-their-potential-teacher and his motley crew of glee-club kids as they try to make a place for themselves in the world of High School. This is important stuff people. The comedic tone is dead on perfect.

Jane Lynch plays the coach of the "Cheerios" cheerleading squad. She wants this growing club squelched. (Her punishment suggestion for two students who make unauthorized use of the copier: "Hobbling.") As usual Lynch is a complete joy to watch. If you don't like show tunes you need to watch just to see how she creates a character.

If I weren't hampered by this cold I'd have a cohesive thought to share. All I can do is urge you to see this show. It is intelligent. It is fun. There are show tunes.

    • mary hanson
    • September 15, 2009

    I’m with you, Roz! I was totally charmed by the pilot and was disappointed to miss the first new episode last week, but will find it online.

    • Roz
    • September 15, 2009

    Yes, Mary they’ve done two episodes so far (which you can see online) and there will be a third on Wednesday (repeats Friday).

    I can’t wait.

  1. Reply

    Just watched the 2nd episode online, and it really is a pretty fun well-acted show.

    • Roz
    • September 16, 2009

    Alberto, I’m so glad you enjoyed it. Positively gleeful (couldn’t resist!).

    I can’t wait until tonight’s episode!

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