“Brick City” on Sundance Channel

September 24, 2009

Sundance Channel is airing a 5-part documentary on Newark, New Jersey called, "Brick City." (I am behind in my television viewing because of my cold, or I would have mentioned it earlier.)

I just watched the first two hours and have to mention it. (Sundance has the times listed for replays and other new episodes. I think you will want to watch them in order because the filmmakers follow people in their daily lives and you get to know them and what is happening to them.)

The show raises some interesting questions about change and about how we can all be agents for change in the world. Much of the first two episodes shows charismatic Newark Mayor Cory Booker in meetings and at neighborhood events pushing for his vision of a better future. 

The website also contains lots of profiles and additional videos you can look through.

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    Interesting, thanks for the post!

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