Minnesota State Fair Sketch Out

August 22, 2009


 Left: Map details for our two meeting locations.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009 is the Minnesota State Fair Sketchout! Join with other artists to capture the sights and scenes at the Fair!

Here's how it's going to work:

Show up at the Fair at anytime you want and get sketching! (Come with a sketching friend, bump into sketching friends at the Fair—whatever. The main thing is to get to the Fair and start sketching.)

Meeting One
Eat lunch before 12:30 and show up at meeting point "A" shown in the top map of today's diagram. This is the corner of Judson Ave. and Liggett Street (I just saw the typo in Liggett and the two commas in part B—I'm not going to redo the map! You'll work it out.) If you get the official Fair map it will be at J30.

There's a stand on the corner that sells cinnamon buns. If you can't find the stand, then look for me (yes I really look like this) and the Avidors (Ken and Roberta).

We're going to have a brief meeting to touch base, look at what people are doing, and tell Ken where you'll be heading off to: Cow Barn or Poultry Barn. Then we'll break for more sketching, in groups or singly as people decide. Meanwhile, Ken is going to visit you in the barns and take a photo over your shoulder while you sketch!

Meeting Two
We'll all continue sketching wherever our pens and pencils call us until 5 p.m. Then it's time to meet for a "wrap up" and more discussion and sharing. The second meeting will be at U26/27 on the official Fair Map, or if you are looking at my maps Point B, in the "food court" type area between the Food Building and the SkyRide (ticket booth/start; the Skyride is actually overhead!) and Ag/Hort Building. 

Contingency Plans
What if you can't come early to the Fair? Well just come when you can and find us at the second meeting—we still want to see what you are sketching and will encourage you on to more work—because of course you'll be staying later if you just got there. You might find other people at the 5 o'clock meeting who are staying later too! The point is to get yourself out to the Fair and SKETCH!

Note: Tuesday is a discount day so tickets at the gates will be $9.00, which is what they are when you buy them in advance. No need to buy a ticket in advance, just get yourself to the Fair and start sketching. I think I've made my point.

Hope to see you sketching at the Fair!

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