Paws on Grand: Sidewalk Pet Portraits!

July 25, 2009


Left: Click on the event poster to view an enlargement.

Mark your calendars right now. As part of the “Paws on Grand” celebration which runs from noon to 4 p.m., on August 2, on Grand Avenue in St. Paul, I will be sketching pets at Wet Paint on Grand Avenue.

NOTE: Pet sketching will run from noon to 2 p.m. only; the above times are for the afternoon neighborhood event. (You can read more about the entire Grand Avenue event here.)

That's right, to celebrate, Liz and Tim from Wet Paint and I will be out there, sitting under a little tent (on the Cambridge side of the building) sketching your pet! (If it’s raining we’ll be working inside the store.)

We will be creating giveaway (free!) pet portrait sketches for people walking their pets during the event—a freebie for their participation in Paws on Grand.

These will be quick sketches (I’m thinking I’m going to bring some watercolors too) and not “finished” portraits. But if your dog doesn’t look like Cousin It on the Addams Family and can sit still for a moment or two, I think I’ve got a good shot at producing a fun memento for you. (Did I mention they’re free?!)

Look at it this way:
Your dog needs a walk. 
I need to have dogs to draw.
Why not walk your dog over to Wet Paint?

Get in a little doggie socialization for your pup. Think of it as a little trip to France, except without the bread and the language difference (in France you can have your dog with you just about everywhere!)

You might even stop and buy some art supplies so you can go home and keep drawing your pet. It’s a lot of fun.


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    I wonder if I can find a dog to borrow for the event….

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