Fun with Finches Part 3

July 28, 2009


the third finch sketch in my three bird series. Initial sketch in dark blue Stabilo Tone left dry, on Lana Aquarelle 140 lb. Hot
Press watercolor paper. Then I decided to add some additional colors; read below. (This journal is 5.5 x 6 inches, so the spread is 11 x 6 inches.) Click on the image
to view an enlargement.

More fun with big fat
crayon pencils. See the July 26 post for a description of how I'm
working this series. No water added here either. Again I liked the line
quality of my initial sketch and then I decided that I would fill in some color, smoothing the strokes out with my fingers in some areas (beak, cheek). 

The series of three I've shown you was completed on the same night in rapid succession with a  desire to get shapes on the page. After I finished the sketching session I scanned the images because I know the pages are going to rub together and smudge.

Tips When Working with Stabilo Tones (or other smudgy media):

Insert a sheet of clean bond paper between the pages of your spread when you finish your sketch, before you start the next sketch on the next spread—pressure from the second drawing is going to cause the wax color to transfer on the previous spread.

If you have a lot of pages left in your journal and are concerned about on-going smudging take out the bond paper you put temporarily in place and insert a small piece of glassine (available at art supply stores) cut to slightly smaller than your page size so you can tape it to your page using masking or drafting tape (that you can remove later) or archival artist's tape or linen hinge tape if you want to leave it in place.

Don't sweat the gutter. You can't get in there with those big fat pencils, just enjoy the lines and mess.

Create some color and interesting negative space for yourself today.

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    This is just stunning!! I don’t know quite how to express what I like about it—the powerful immediacy of the placement of the bird’s head is one thing. Your vigorous, clear-eyed way of drawing is another.

    • Roz
    • July 30, 2009

    Thanks Laura for your kind comments. There is something to be said for scribbling with color after all those years of controlled ink lines. I can’t get enough of these “pencils.”

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