Fun with Finches Part 1

July 26, 2009


Above: Journal sketch of a finch using Stabilo Tone (a dark blue) dry, and then rubbing on Brilliance Moonlight White stamp reinker with my finger. Check out the paper watermark in the lower left corner. Fortune reads: The fortune you seek is in another cookie.

My hands are demanding a rest from typing so I decided to share a series of finch sketches. Here's the first one. I saw this little guy at a pet store and took a couple really fuzzy photos (because of bad lighting). I put the photo up on the computer screen, sat back with the Stabilo Tone (read the July 22 post if you don't know what these are), and sketched, without my glasses (long story, eyes need a rest too).

While deciding whether I should keep the image as is or wet it I noticed the bottle of reinker on the cutting table and shook it up (it's "metallic"), squeezed some out on the paper, and started pushing it around with my index finger. It was late at night, drawing birds calms me down, I like to get my hands in this stuff, what can I say.

Go experiment with something you love to work with. At the last minute change something about the way you work. (Maybe rub in some white metallic reinker!)

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    Experimenting with no expectations at all can be so relaxing.

    I love the lines you’re getting with these bird sketches!

    • Roz
    • July 27, 2009

    Thanks Kellie, I sure had a lot of fun with those bird sketches and the dog sketches I’ve been doing with the Stabilo Tone (will be posted later). I’m hoping to get over the the zoo this week and sketch the “wild” animals with the same medium. It’s so fun to move this stuff across the paper.

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