Illustrating Birds—A Video, and More

June 22, 2009

My friend Karen feeds my love of birds with new information all the time. This time she may have outdone herself. She sent me a link to the NestWatch program at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. If you go to this link (and you should do so right now) you will find information on the NestWatch Posters (which are stunning and available for purchase).

But in the write up about the posters you will also have the ability to click on the link for the illustrator of the posters: Pedro Fernandes. (I want you to see the posters before you view the video, so humor me!) When you click on the illustrator’s name at the NestWatch site you’ll arrive at 4 minute and 15 second movie that shows you his delightful paintings, shows him working, and discusses his working method. His birds are alive, vibrant, and scientifically accurate (he has access to Cornell’s specimens and scientists). Go see this film. It will be the happiest 4 minutes you spend today!

If you know about the NestWatch posters and just want to see the video click here to view it on YouTube.

If you want to see additional work by Pedro Fernandes you can go to the University of California Extension website for Science Illustration (where he went to school). Click on “Gallery” and scroll down to find his name or do a search on his name: you will find several stunning pieces to view. (His Common Corvids poster is simply masterful.)

Check out other portfolios from past students in the program there too. You’ll see more stunning work. Shawn Gould has a lovely hummingbird on a blackberry branch with fall foliage that is amazing…)

    • Zoe
    • June 22, 2009

    Thanks for sharing the video. I too love bird watching, sightings and illustrations.

    His work is terrific and it was fascinating to see his approach.

    • Frank Bettendorf
    • June 22, 2009

    Great stuff. I enjoyed the interview since I love process and the UC Santa Cruz gallery is a wonderful find! Thanks for this.

    • Roz
    • June 24, 2009

    Chris Fitzgerald sent this comment to me directly and said I could share it here:

    I followed the UC Santa Cruz link and was browsing through the student gallery after I looked at the bird pictures. This young lady, Emily Harrington did an outstanding illustration with a cutaway showing the anatomy of a frog.
    Not a bird, but a lovely drawing.

    Oh and if you like wonderful pictures of birds…. A friend of mine from my carving group has a brother who follows raptors nesting in NYC. He is a professional photographer and keeps a blog on his observations. I don’t know a thing about birds and particularly hawks and peregrines, but I find myself checking in to see what he’s watching.


  1. Reply

    Awesome! Thanks for the link to the video Roz!

    • Roz
    • June 24, 2009

    Nancy, I’m glad you enjoyed it!

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