Extra, Extra, Another Way to Find Birds!

June 15, 2009

Above: Goldfinches congregate around a garden puddle for a spa day. Photo courtesy of and ©2009 Karen Engelbretson.

I was telling you last week where to find birds. Well this morning my friend Karen told me how while she and her husband were gardening this weekend their hose and sprinkler made a puddle in the yard. Before she could turn around and grab the camera they had a bird spa! (But she did have time to get the camera and capture the moments!)

It has been so dry here (Minnesota) lately that the pool created by Karen's gardening work was a welcome respite for the birds. Try it in your own yard. You'll have life-drawing models galore, as well as lots of visual entertainment.

Bluebirdbath Left: Bluebird at the puddle. ©2009 Karen Engelbretson.

Here are two more lovely photos Karen sent along. A bluebird joined the bathing frenzy. Karen explained that she didn't have quite the right lens to catch the crispy action but I think she caught the bluebird perfectly! Life in the air.

Bluebirdfly Right: Bluebird in flight. ©2009 Karen Engelbretsen.

Go watch some birds today!

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    Yes, I did just that and post about it today. Thanks for the inspiration! I’m watching (and sketching) robins tend their babies in the nest in the tree outside my bedroom window. What a treat!

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