Lightfast Tests on Four Japanese Brush Pens

April 11, 2009

Left: a lightfast test on 4 Japanese brush pens reviewed in January. (A) is the control and (B) is the exposed sheet.

On January 25, 2009 I wrote a review "Four More Brush Pens to Consider." At the same time I also put up a lightfast test because my acupuncturist who is Japanese, told me that the Pilot brand is considered an office pen and he couldn't believe it would be lightfast.

Only the Zebra pen maintained its saturation and density. The other three pens faded. Keep this in mind when using these for your sketches or visual journaling.

Top to bottom:

Kuretake No. 30 Double Sided Brush Pen – Hard & Hair Brush
(KURETAKE DY151-30B) = $7.50

Kuretake Fudegokochi Brush Pen – Gray Ink (KURETAKE LS5-10) = $3.15

Zebra Disposable Brush Sign Pen –
Fine (ZEBRA WF1) = $2.25 

Pilot Brown Barrel Brush Pen – Hair Brush (PILOT SN-30FM-B) = $4.50 

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