Great News About the Alvin Field Book

April 5, 2009

As I've mentioned on my blog, I'm using an Alvin Field Book for this year's IFJM journal. I found one at Wet Paint at the end of March and tested it and wrote about it here. I just wanted to publish an addenum to my review of this commercially made notebook. I have the soft-covered version (which turned out to have just the right number of pages for IFJM!) As I have been working with it, holding it in my hands and sketching with it, it has started to open up a little bit more and I can clearly see that it is indeed SEWN SIGNATURES! 

This is fantastic for durability.

I'm having tremendous fun with this small tough journal filled with water-resistant, gridded paper. Yes the paper is lighter weight than I'm used to typically, and it buckles when wet, but it is great fun to paint on. And I love the crinkly noise the pages make when I flip them over. I love the way it sits on the table gaping open from the buckled pages.

I see a hardcover version in my future.

Check out my second IFJM page spread at the Official International Fake Journal Month Blog today.

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