A Great SketchCrawl Day in the Twin Cities

April 12, 2009

Above: my first page spread of the day for SketchCrawl, yesterday. I worked all day in my current journal which I made with Nideggen paper. I used a Staedtler Pigment Liner and Schmincke gouache.

Yesterday was SketchCrawl. I think it was the 22nd SketchCrawl. I sketch out all the time by myself and with friends, but several of us decided we would like to participate in the official international event this Saturday. There is something fun in knowing that while you are out sketching so are people in China, Italy, Australia…

Ken Avidor, who had suggested we get a group in the Twin Cities together for this event, has posted a photo of our group (minus 3 people who sadly weren't present for the photo). The 10 pages I sketched yesterday are going to be posted at the same site after I finish writing this post. Also, check back there because other participants will be sending jpegs to Ken to post.

I can tell you it was a great day. People made some great sketches. The zoo was, well, a ZOO, and by the afternoon it was so mobbed it was difficult to walk through the buildings, but we all perservered and we captured everything from buildings, to people, to birds, to amorous giraffes.

I hope there were other folks in the Twin Cities celebrating SketchCrawl. I hope they enjoyed the beautiful sunny 56 degree weather. And I hope next time we bump into them!

It's great to sketch out in small groups or on your own, but when you get together in a larger group some fun and interesting things happen. You see things you saw earlier in the day, from a new perspective in someone else's sketches. You might also learn something about materials. One of our group, Sara, worked on a huge pad of newsprint (must have been about 19 x 24 inches) with a shoe polish applicator bottle filled with ink! It gave a fabulous drippiness to the bold thick line.

Next time SketchCrawl comes around join up with some sketchers locally and know there are people around the world sketching too!

And if you think you are too busy…
I wrote about doing SketchCrawl and coming home to a fake journal page quota. Read my post about getting things done when you feel tired, busy, etc. at The Official International Fake Journal Blog.

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