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March 1, 2009

Alberto over at Lung Sketching Scrolls (a sketch blog of sci-fi sketches and art supplies reviews) wrote in to me yesterday to say he had also reviewed Cretacolor Aqua Briques on his blog on February 27. He was kind enough to say he thought my review more thorough. But I went over to his site to see how he was using this product and I think he's plenty thorough! In fact I think you should go over to his site and scroll down to February 27 and look at his post. He has PHOTOS!

I gave my set of Aqua Briques away in 2006 and never thought to take photos of the mess they had become in three short drawing sessions. Alberto has vivid and clear photos of what happens to these blocks of pigment. Go check his photos and product comments out before you invest in this product.

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